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Romance Novel Characters Ask, Am I the A**hole?

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Danika Ellis

Associate Editor

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There’s nothing quite like scrolling the Am I the Asshole? (AITA) subreddit when you want a taste of gossip and a reminder that your life could be worse. It’s an eye-catching format, which is why it also makes for a great way to pitch a book. Recently on X/Twitter, romance novelists with books coming out in 2024 have tweeted about their books in the form of an AITA post, and some of them are a quick way to have you slamming the preorder button. Here are a few of my favorites.

Do Me a Favor cover

Do Me a Favor by Cathy Yardley

“I (46F) need to ghostwrite a cookbook for one of those short-video ‘sexy chefs’ and I’m hating life. The only way I can even begin to think of recipes is by using my hot handyman neighbor (4M2) as a muse, but I feel guilty. AITA?

Out July 23rd

Full Speed to a Crash Landing cover

Full Speed to a Crash Landing by Beth Revis

AITA for stealing top secret government stuff right from under the nose of the hot agent I’ve been seriously flirting with? In my defense, I told him I was going to do it; he just didn’t believe me.”

Out August 6th

A Gamble at Sunset cover

A Gamble at Sunset by Vanessa Riley

AITA for kissing a stranger to shock my sister & inadvertently causing a family scandal? Now the ton’s gossiping, fam’s beefing & my fake suitor makes tunes for Dido Bell’s portrait. He loves her! Can a fake courtship fool society, or are we doomed to temptation?”

Out May 21st

My Kind of Trouble cover

My Kind of Trouble by L.A. Schwartz

“I (27F) flirted with this autistic librarian (27M) as part of a con I’m running to get payback on his town’s tech bro mayor who ruined my dad’s life. Now we’re saving drag storytime together and making out in the library and he still doesn’t know who he’s really kissing. AITA?

Out October 8th

Graced by the Cat cover

Graced by the Cat by Geneva Holt

“I (24M) am pissed that my boyfriend (287M) won’t even try to find a way for us to be together, despite the fact that he’s an enchanted cat. He’s been waiting even longer than I have for the man of his (literal) dreams. He can grant any wish; why not mine? AITA?

Out now

The Dairy Queen's Second Chance cover

The Dairy Queen’s Second Chance by Laurie Batzel

“I (23F) entered a dairy queen pageant to buy a water buffalo for my farm & recruited my yacht chef ex (25M) to help w/ the recipe requirement. Now he has a job overseas the same night as the pageant. AITA if I want him to stay for my big night…& forever?”

Out July 23rd

Spoiled Brit cover

Spoiled Brit by Kali Decker

“I’m a working TV actress (37F) who woke up married in Vegas to a rich British film actor (33M) after a night of drunken debauchery and now we’re faking newlywed bliss ahead of his big movie premiere. I made a “no sex” rule so it doesn’t get messy when we split. AITA?

Out 2024, release date not yet announced

No One Does It Like You cover

No One Does It Like You by Katie Shepard

“I (34M) took on this home renovation project to win back my ex-wife (34F). My movie-star ex-bf (26M) and his delusional fangirls (19F, 20F, 18F, 18F, 23F) just showed up to ‘help.’ I told them to scram but my wife thinks they’re charming. AITA?”

Out September 3rd

The Love Match cover

The Love Match by Priyanka Taslim

“I (18F) got tricked into a blind date w/ some rich boy (18M) by our meddling parents. Neither of us are into it + I’m falling for a coworker (19M) my mom will never approve of.

AITA if I convince Rich Boy to fake date just to sabotage the relationship?”

The paperback is out now

 Haunted Ever After cover

Haunted Ever After by Jen DeLuca

“I (32F) bought a renovated beachfront home. But someone (143F) was living here first. She hates the hot cafe owner (29M) I’m trying to get to know better and wants to watch reality TV all the time. AITA for just wanting my house (and my new guy) to myself?”

Out August 13th

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