Comics Fetish: Volume 57

Welcome to Comics Fetish, your weekly round-up of cool comics-related stuff to buy and wear and gift and share. While this isn’t really a traditional theme week, I did just come back from Thought Bubble, the storied UK comics arts festival, and I thought for Comics Fetish this week I’d show you what I brought back with me.

I bought this poster from the amazing Eva Holder. You can get it in a t-shirt, a pencil skirt, or an iPad case, too.

girls don't want boys poster

From the webcomic Eat, Sleep, Sniff I bought a really cute carrier bag, but I think you guys would be more interested in this poster of cats dressed like geeks (How to Internet 101).

Eat Sleep Sniff Heroes Poster

I fell in love with Claire Hubbard’s design sense. Check out this shark mug (there’s a matching notebook, too).

shark mug claire hubbard

Show your love for indie creators and the art of the zine with this awesome sticker from Sammy Borras.

i heart zines sticker

It’s really important to me that you know that Rachel Smith will draw you as a kitten. She didn’t have time to do mine at Thought Bubble, but I’m looking forward to a kitten portrait with bated breath.

kitten portrait rachel smith

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