Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

Last week I put together 10 Pieces of Jane Eyre Swag, and in the comments one of our readers asked me to search out some nifty Wuthering Heights stuff. So Malinovka, this one’s for you! Do your bookish shopping without leaving the house because, you know. It’s too hot for that noise.

Wuthering Heights book purse. For carrying other books.

wuthering heights book purse


 Wuthering Heights card. Give it to someone who hasn’t read the book and doesn’t know how it ends so unhappily.

love card

Penguin Books Wuthering Heights ring. It’s like a decoder ring, but for melancholy love. Or something.

wuthering heights ring

Quote scarf! They seem to make these for every classic book. Collect them all and have a literary winter.

wuthering heights scarf

Catherine Earnshaw In Tears oil pastel portrait. IT IS SO FANCY.

cathering portrait

Wuthering Heights print. Nice wedding gift for your favorite possibly-doomed couple?

wuthering heights print

Screen Printed Wall Art. Nice addition to a library?

wuthering heights canvas art

Wuthering Heights Oakmoss and Amber Soy Candle. For when your apartment doesn’t smell enough like a sad, heartbreak-soaked moor.

wuthering heights candle

Heathcliff and Catherine earrings! Clever girl.

heathcliff earrings

Button button who’s got the button?

wuthering heights button