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10 Pieces of JANE EYRE Swag

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

Last week I pulled together 10 Pieces of Shakespeare Swag, and it did not damper my need to internet-window-shop for bookish clothes, jewelry, and various doodads. Jane Eyre is in my top five favorite books of all time forever and ever amen, so surrounding myself with as much Jane-centric lovelies as possible sounds. Well. Lovely. Let’s start here:


Reader, I Married Him necklace with a neat-o leaf detail thingy.

jane eyre necklace

My favorite part! My favorite part!

jane eyre print

Charlotte Bronte bracelet. To be worn with a romantic, lacy dress. And motorcycle boots.

jane eyre bracelet

“I am no bird” slouchy pullover sweater. Lounge about in style.

jane eyre sweater

Jane Eyre Refrigerator Magnets. Hold up your take out menus literarily (is that a word?).

refrigerator magnets

Jane’s epic burn t-shirt.

jane eyre t-shirt

Jane Key Hook. Get your fix every time you leave the house.

jane eyre key hook

Jane cuff. For when you don’t mind strangers asking if they can read your wrists.

jane cuff

Bronte iPod/iPhone Charging Dock. For when you feel a little guilty about your e-reading.

jane eyre charging dock

Jane Eyre infinity scarf, for when you forget your book at home and need SOMETHING to read.

jane eyre infinity scarf


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