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What’s On Your Pull List? February 10, 2015

Andi Miller

Staff Writer

Andi Miller is a proponent of fauxhawks, gaudy jewelry, country music, and writing. When she’s not publicly relating at her day job or teaching university English courses online, she’s a hardcore reader, social media addict, 10-year book blogging veteran at Estella’s Revenge, and host of Dewey’s 24 Hour Read-a-Thon. Her favorite literary snacks are comics, literary fiction, and foodie memoirs. Her favorite real snacks are Froot Loops, fried catfish tails, and serial Twitter unfollowers. Blog: Estella's Revenge Twitter: @EstellasRevenge

Every week, a different Panelteer will give you a rundown of the comics they’re most looking forward to for the week. Floppies, trades and omniboo are all fair game here. This week, Andi tells us whats on her pull list.

Some weeks the pull list is not as robust as other weeks. This week seems to be a bit of a valley for me in terms of the number of comics I have coming, BUT the ones that are on the docket are downright superb.

Ares & Aphrodite #6: Live Your Life Until Love is Found by Jamie S. Rich and Megan Levens (Oni Press)


This weekly digital first is keeping me pumped for new releases during the month-long breaks of other comics. Divorce attorney, Will Ares and wedding planner, Gigi Averelle, have their hands full with their celebrity clients who always seem to be getting themselves into trouble. Not only is the story adorable and amusing, the art is just gorgeous! Super cartoony and stylized, the look of this one gives me Mad Men flashbacks on occasion.

Wild’s End #6 by Dan Abnett and I.N.J. Culbard (BOOM! Studios)


A “stunning conclusion to the hit series,” which makes me want to bawl my eyes out. Surely there will be more? I guess I’ll have to wait and see. The anthropomorphic animals of Lower Crowchurch have been fighting robot alien invaders with all they’ve got. Will they endure and overcome? Who will be left standing?

Edward Scissorhands #4 by Kate Leth, Drew Rausch, and Joe Quinones (IDW)


Nostalgia, ftw! If you were a fan of the Edward Scissorhands movie back in the 90s, you cannot miss this comic adaptation. Megs and Edward are into all kinds of things they probably shouldn’t be. This is one of those comics that’s pure delight, and it’s suitable for the whole family. Maybe this is prime time to read comics with your favorite kiddo because the whole family will be totes entertained.

What’s on your pull list this week? Is it a hill or a valley?