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Batman Game

This week, released a collection of over 2,300 MS-DOS games that can be played right through almost any browser. The release follows The Internet Archive’s moves in recent years to archive old arcade games, as well as historical software from a number of systems. All three run in browser-based emulators – this new batch of releases runs on EM-DOSBOX.

“So, Josh, that’s good and all for the video game fans out there, but why are you telling us about this on Panels?”

Well, unlike those earlier releases, this batch includes a number of games based on American and European comics. From text adventures to minigame collections to platformers, there’s over a dozen different MS-DOS games in this library that are based on comic properties.

Click around below to play decades-old games starring Tintin, Batman, Spider-Man, and others.

Batman Returns
Dylan Dog – Gli Uccisori
Hammer Boy
Lucky Luke
North & South
Snoopy’s Game Club
Superman – The Man of Steel
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Manhattan Missions
The Adventures of Tintin – Prisoners of the Sun
The Amazing Spider-Man
The Smurfs
Tintin on the Moon
X-Men 2 – The Fall of the Mutants