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Thank You for Helping Save Missouri Libraries

Just last week, I wrote about Missouri Governor Jay Nixon withholding nearly $6 million in state funding from Missouri public libraries. There were many people calling, signing petitions, and advocating for the release of those funds. Among them were you, our readers. The fine folks at Reddit boosted the signal, too.

Save Missouri Libraries

Today, Governor Nixon released the funds. All of them.

I feel like we were only a part of the voices that were heard, that made a difference, but we were not an insignificant part. I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for your help.

The fight is not over, however. From state to state, libraries are struggling. As various governments face budgetary shortfalls, public libraries will always find their way to the chopping block. The U.S. House Budget Committee is currently proposing the elimination of the Institute of Library and Museum Services, which provides federal funding to all libraries in the United States.

We won this battle for Missouri’s libraries. Winning this battle proves that we can win the war. Write. Call. Vote. Be heard. If you learn of local libraries in peril, let us know. We’re glad to help. Together, we can save libraries.


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