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#Trade Waiting

Does Trade-Waiting “Hurt” a Comic?

You've seen claims that waiting for collected trades, rather than reading in issues, can lead to cancellation. Does trade-waiting really hurt a comic?

Trade-Waiting: June 2016

Do you wait for trade paperbacks instead of reading in issues? We've got a roundup of the most interesting trade releases for June 2016.

Trade-Waiting: February 2016

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My Comics Dream: Digital-Plus-Trade Subscriptions

Panelteer Charles Paul Hoffman dreams of digital-plus-trade comics subscriptions as a way to support creators without having to buy and store floppies.

Trade-Waiting: January 2016 Releases

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Can’t Hardly (Trade) Wait

Comics became a popular medium—in the US at least—as short pamphlets sold at newsstands. Somewhere along the way they moved ...