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My Workplace Joined the Fine-Free Library Movement (And Here’s What I Learned)

The realities -- the good, the challenging, and the great -- of going fine-free in libraries from a public librarian.

THE PUBLIC Movie And Librarian Representation

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Public Library Collection Development Secrets, Revealed

Behold: The mystery of public library collection development, finally revealed in all of its grandeur and majesty. Leave your classics at home.

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Whether you're in the UK or elsewhere, there are actionable things you can do to help support your local public library.

How Libraries Help People In Cold Weather

When libraries help people in cold weather, they become a critical service for teens, the elderly, and unsheltered people.

How Libraries Are Dealing With Bedbugs

Bedbugs in public libraries are becoming routine. Luckily, there are a few things that librarians can do to stop them...starting with preparation.

The Economic Case for Supporting Libraries

Libraries do so much for so many, but what about the economic evidence of these benefits? Learn about the return on investment of libraries.

Some Observations From Library Tourism

Having visited 112 libraries in six different countries and many different settings, one reader has a few observations of note.

How To Be A Good Library Patron

Libraries as Community Spaces: an Academic and a Personal Perspective

Public libraries have long been viewed as vital community spaces. But what does that really mean?