LORD OF THE RINGS Gifts for LOTR Super Fans

As every Tolkien fans knows, you can never have too many Lord of the Rings gifts. Check out some LOTR goodies from Shire shirts to bookmarks.

Andy Serkis Will Read THE HOBBIT for the NHS

Andy Serkis will read THE HOBBIT online as a fundraising effort to benefit the NHS.


Whether you’re not interested in Frodo’s journey or want to read something that scratches the same itch, these are the best books like Lord of the Rings.

Which Tolkien Character Shares Your Personality Type?

Hey INFJs, Galadriel is one of you!

The Sorting Hat Quiz: Lord of the Rings Edition

Have you ever wondered where the Sorting Hat would put you… if you and the hat were in Middle Earth? If instead of the Hogwarts Houses, the options were the Shire, Gondor, Rohan, and Isengard? Do the thing with this Lord of the Rings quiz.

Twitter Reacts to LOTR Prequel News

Amazon is making a Lord of the Rings series, and Twitter has some great ideas.