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In Defense of Beth March

Because Beth March has been misunderstood long enough.

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Get the deets on the bookbinding scene in Greta Gerwig's new adaptation of LITTLE WOMEN.

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How Beth’s Death in LITTLE WOMEN Contributed to My Health Anxiety

I was always an anxious kid, but Beth's death in LITTLE WOMEN gave me a lifelong health anxiety I'm still trying to shake.

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Which is the best of the LITTLE WOMEN adaptations, why casting is so important, and how there can never be enough takes on the classic.

Yes, LITTLE WOMEN is a Feminist Novel — And Here’s Why

In Defense of LITTLE WOMEN’s Amy March

Fans of Louisa May Alcott's Little Women love to sympathize with Jo March and hate her little sister, Amy. In defense of Amy March, this writer explains why we all may be more like Amy than we care to admit.

Why Fans Should Watch the New LITTLE WOMEN

Been skipping the new PBS adaptation of Little Women because the Winona version is your favorite? Here's why you should give it a chance.