Jeffrey Davies

Jeffrey Davies is a professional introvert and writer with imposter syndrome whose work spans the worlds of pop culture, books, music, feminism, and mental health. In addition to Book Riot, his writing has appeared on HuffPost, Collider, PopMatters, Spectrum Culture, and other places. Find him on his website and follow him on Twitter @teeveejeff and Instagram @jeffreyreads. He is also the co-host of a Gilmore Girls podcast, Coffee With a Shot of Cynicism.

The Gayest Books: Inside America’s First Gay Mail-Order Book Service

" estimated 300 books about queer men were published in the United States between 1940 and 1969."

Was Betty Friedan the Originator of “Gaslight Gatekeep Girlboss”?

"She, too, was gaslit and gatekept into believing she was a girlboss, and she spread that toxicity around."

Is Reimagining History Through Biofiction Ethical?

Wrestling with the ethics of biofiction, or fiction pulled from real people's lives.

Who Was Pat Parker?

Most feminists know of Audre Lorde, but one of her closest friends is often lost between the lines of history: Pat Parker.

Is Ghostwriting Ruining Literature?

Ghostwriting is a tradition that has been around since the 5th century, and has carried into the present day. But does it delegitimize a work?

How Isaac’s Reading List on HEARTSTOPPER is Diversifying Booklists

On the power of a queer book worm in teen media, as seen through HEARTSTOPPER's Isaac.

Why Do Kids Love GARFIELD Comics?

Why is it that Garfield comics, with their simple illustrations and everyday setting, have endured as a favorite of kids for decades?

How Working in a Library Healed My Inner Child

Working at the library that was my safe haven has been satisfying in a way I’d never experienced. It went beyond satisfaction to healing.

Where Would Fiction Be Without Women?

Despite how women's fiction is viewed, women account for 80% of fiction sales, which begs the question: where would fiction be without women?

Conformity Killed the Radio Star: The Great Literary Hoax of I, LIBERTINE

A look at the great hoax that was I, LIBERTINE, the book that took the literary world by storm but (sort of) never was.