QUIZ: Which LITTLE WOMEN Adaptation Should You Watch?

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Between an astonishing number of movies, mini series, musicals, and web series, it seems like Little Women is second only to the Marvel Cinematic Universe in terms of remakes and reboots. Next thing you know there’ll be alternate universe, March sisters crossover—just wait. But where to even begin with all these adaptations? Well, this Little Women adaptation quiz might be a good place to start.

Trying to decide between Katherine Hepburn, Winona Ryder, and Saoirse Ronan? Modern take or classic Hollywood? Just answer some questions about your bookish preferences and thoughts on Little Women. We’ll have the perfect answer for you in no time! Dissatisfied with your result? Take it again a time or two—after all, what better time than now to have a full on Little Women marathon?

Now that you know which adaptation you need to watch, why not find out which March sister you are? (I’m a Jo, apparently, but is that really much of a surprise for a writer?) Or check out our controversial Little Women opinions, find out why you should just watch the movie without reading the book, check up on whether Little Women is a feminist novel, and read why one rioter thinks you should watch the 2017 Little Women mini series—also featured in this quiz.