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E. Jean Carroll Writes in New Book That Donald Trump Sexually Assaulted Her

In her new book, WHAT DO WE NEED MEN FOR?, Elle's "Ask E. Jean" columnist E. Jean Carroll alleges that Donald Trump raped her.

How To Write A Trump Novel Without Mentioning Trump

"The specter of Donald Trump is haunting American fiction."

Reclaiming My Time: Steps to Keep Donald Trump from Stealing My Reading Joy

A reader on how Donald Trump and the current political climate have stolen her reading joy, and her strategy for reclaiming reading time in 2019.

Trump’s Terrible Presidency Book Club

There are so many books on how awful Trump's presidency is, why don't we just start a book club? Practically guaranteed to scare the bejesus out of you.

Stormy Daniels To Release Tell-All Memoir

Oops He Did it Again: Trump Sends Cease and Desist Letter to Omarosa’s Publisher

Trump's letter threatens "substantial monetary damages and punitive damages" should Omarosa's UNHINGED be published.

Obama Photographer Throws Shade in His New Book

Little Brown announced this morning that we could look forward to SHADE: A TALE OF TWO PRESIDENTS by Obama White House photographer Pete Souza!

Books About Actual Witch Hunts for POTUS to Read

Donald keeps on saying "witch hunt," but he obviously lacks an understanding of what those words mean.

Is Donald Trump America’s First Illiterate President?

Is it possible that Donald Trump is America’s first illiterate president?! Today, we present the evidence to determine once and for all: Can Trump read?

Trump Sends Cease and Desist to Publisher and Author of New Tell-All

The President and his lawyers are trying to stop a publisher from putting out a book about what goes on in the White House.