#best of panels 2016

Maya Glick’s Fan Film RAIN Brings The Storm We Need

Latonya takes a look at Maya Glick's X-Men fan film about Storm, called Rain, and discusses why she is the Storm we need.

How do Artists Keep Characters Consistent?

Gene Luen Yang, the National Ambassador for Young People's Literature, stops by Panels to talk about how he keeps characters consistent.

Representation Means Different Things to Different People

Seeing representation in comics can mean different things to different people.

5 Best DC Graphic Novels

Eric really loves these graphic novels from DC Comics. What are your favorites?


Haven't read QUESTIONABLE CONTENT by Jeph Jacques yet? You should give it a try.

How I Fell in Love with Valiant Comics

Thomas discusses how he fell in love with Valiant Comics, and why you need to give them a try if you haven't already.

Stephanie Brown and DC’s Treatment of Female Characters

Priya discusses the poor treatment of Stephanie Brown in DC Comics' history.

MARBLES and My Own Mental Illness

Megan discusses what MARBLES, a graphic memoir on bipolar disorder, means to her.

4 Webcomics for Your Inner Fantasy Lover

Webcomics are where some of the most interesting and inclusive comics are happening. We've got fantasy recommendations.

FAITH Breaks the Rules for Fat Girls

Faith, from Valiant Comics, is fat. Let's talk about why that's important and how she's breaking "fat girl" rules.