#best of panels 2016

11 Black Comic Artists to Know

You should make sure you're familiar with these 11 black comic artists.

The Iconic Ace: Jughead Jones and Asexuality

We reflect on why Jughead's official asexuality is important.

Is Being Geeky at Work Unprofessional?

Melody wonders whether showing off her geekiness at work is unprofessional.

Best of Comics Fetish 2016

In keeping with the best-of theme this week, we bring you the best of Comics Fetish!

Sharing Comics in a Relationship

Emma discusses sharing comics with your significant other.

Asian Representation in Hollywood—#whitewashedOUT

Hollywood has a serious problem with Asian representation and whitewashing Asian characters in casting.

Han Solo: Not the Romance Hero You’re Looking For

Jenn Northington and bestselling romance author Sarah Maclean discuss why Han Solo isn't a traditional romantic hero.

What Happens After You Call Out Poor Representation on Twitter?

We've all seen Twitter callouts of poor representation—but what happens after that? We discuss next steps with a creator.

10 Things Not to Say to Me on a First Date

Red flags abound when you combine dating and comics. Here are 10 things NOT to say to me about comics on a first date (if you want there to be a second.)

6 Comic Writer/Artists to Know

There are comic writers, and there are artists, and there are double threat writer/artists. Here are 6 you should know.