Symptoms of the Textually Diseased

We’re working on a post about the various extra-reading activities that separate the book-obsessed from the average reader. You know what we’re alluding to: extensive TBR lists, reading challenges, blogging, online book sites (Goodreads, LibraryThing, etc), tracking number of books read (per month,  per year, per life), recording memorable quotations, assigning ratings to books, participating in book clubs, and so on.

This is where your help comes in—what behaviors have we missed? What kinds of things to manic book-people do beyond, you know, reading?

In the interest of partial disclosure, the I cop to having at one point or another done the following: kept a list of future publication dates, made a list of every novel read, organized my personal book collection by genre, collected bookmarks, won a book collecting contest (and came in second in another), and chosen not to buy a particular edition of a book because of its cover/spine design.

So drop us a comment to let us know of some reading sub-routine not mentioned above. Feel free to admit to them or to attribute them to a “friend.”