Queer Characters Don’t Need a Romance to Prove They’re Queer

There can and should be stories about the lives of queer people beyond who they're attracted to and choose to sleep with.

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Black immigrant stories are rarely explored. But Black immigrant literature is essential to our understanding of community and humanity.

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How to lose friends and win enemies by making it difficult for queer readers browsing bookstores in search of books about their experiences.

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What is it about the girl in the tower trope that has kept it in use since the Medieval era? Consider its function and persistence in YA.

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A reader explores the ethical lines sometimes crossed in humor in light of recent criticism of children's book author David Walliams.

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Get With It, Man! A Quick-ish History of How Superheroes Relearned to Be Relevant

Taking a critical look at Bronze Age comics that took on issues such as civil and indigenous rights, feminism, and more. Prep your side eye.

I Haven’t Read X Book. Am I a Reader?

Am I a reader? When talking about books, people expect you to read classics for you be a serious reader. But what if you don't?

DC Comics Still Has a Gender Problem

A critical look at the disparity in hiring women creators, excluding women, and mishandling allegations of sexual misconduct at DC Comics.

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On the inescapable experiences encountered while reading horror novels, and one book that solidified the way these books can stay with us.

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A Jane Austen fan takes a look at some of the radical elements of the author's stories as well as her societal critiques.

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With her history of racial insensitivity and an embarrassingly white personal reading list, it’s time for Taylor Swift to read diverse books.

The Suffocating Homogeneity of Bestselling Children’s Books

Hey you: drop that copy of GOODNIGHT MOON. Go forth, and discover new children's books!

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A reader considers the differences between Young Adult and New Adult books, and takes a look at some titles that might fall under NA.