Autofiction is Cheating, and You Cannot Change My Mind

What am I supposed to do with autofiction? Where is it shelved, literally and mentally? Is it memoir or fiction? Pick a lane.

A Reader’s Defense of Labeling #OwnVoices LGBTQ Books

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The 5 Finger Fantasy Rule: A Plea for Mercy from SFF Authors

SFF books can be intimidating for new readers. I propose a 5 finger rule for SFF authors: no more than 5 world-specific words per page.

Do Queer Books Still Need Happy Endings?

We need more queer books of every kind. The problem was never the existence of queer unhappy endings, it was that there was no alternative.

Will People Still Want to Read Pandemic Books in the Future?

Why prolong existence in these strange circumstances, even just mentally? Will people still want to read pandemic books in the future?

Let Me Ruin Your Childhood: The Inequality of School Book Fairs

It's easy to be nostalgic about Scholastic Book Fairs, but for poor kids and underfunded communities, school book fairs look very different.