Nuance on the Internet Isn’t Dead: In Praise of Bookstagram Scholarship

Yes, social media platforms like Instagram weren't built for nuanced conversations. But that doesn't mean they aren't happening.

What is the Millennial Genre?

The idea of a millennial genre has been floating around for a while and seems to be here to stay. But what is it, and who does it cater to?

The Conflicting Ideas Readers Must Be Able to Hold

Conflict number one: readers are capable of separating fiction from reality, AND books can have profound effects on real life.

“AI Will Never Be Good Enough To Replace Real Authors” is the Wrong Conversation

Whether or not AI will ever be as good as a real person isn't the issue; we should be interrogating the real goal of AI use and its impact.

Why Shakespeare Isn’t Fancy

One reader explains why Shakespeare isn't fancy, and how a contextual understanding of his work proves that point.

No More Writers as Protagonists

There’s an old credo told to many writers: Write what you know. But writers as protagonists? That trope needs to go.

On Posthumous Editing: Should Books Be Edited for Contemporary Audiences?

There’s a trend of posthumous editing of classic fiction to update the works to for contemporary audiences. But is this what should be done?

Why You Should Read Reviews After You’ve Read The Book

Reviews are a response to an art, so enjoying them AFTER finishing a book is a whole different experience.

Who Can Be Redeemed?

The U.S. favors stories with a redemtion arc, but who can be redeemed? Is just anyone allowed to redeem themselves, or is there more to it?

How About We Just Read And Let Read?

Spending any time online would lead you to believe there there's a right and wrong way to be a reader. How about we read and let read?