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Summer Reading Supplies for Every Reader

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Alex Luppens-Dale


Alex Luppens-Dale won the “Enthusiastic Reader Award” all four years of high school. She is a graduate of Sarah Lawrence College and received her MFA in Creative Writing from The New School. Her favorite genres are memoir, witches, and anything with cults. She lives in New Jersey. You can keep up with Alex's latest work at her website.

Ahh, summer reading. Whether you’re reminiscing about the years you were eligible for the Book It! program or your childhood adventures at your local library, there was no better time to be a reader as a kid than when school let out for summer. I miss having endless hours and days to fill with whatever I wanted (reading, books, maybe a swim, and then more reading). Last summer I discovered that my library had a summer reading program for adults and obtained a certificate that declared me “Reading Royalty” (as if there was any doubt). Of course, you don’t have to be off from school for the summer to enjoy some summer reading. Summer reading is for everyone and so is this list of summer reading supplies. Perhaps you’re in the market for something to help a child in your life keep track of the books they’ve read. Maybe you really want a shirt that lets everyone on the beach know that you’re busy reading and that you do not want to play frisbee (is that just my family?). Whatever the case, we’ve got summer reading supplies that you can take from the library to the pool and everywhere in between this summer. 

Etsy is home to millions of printables for homeschooling or bullet journals or any other time you don’t want to have to hand-draw a chart. Here’s a cute summer reading set that also comes with bookmarks. $1.50

Another printable reading chart, but this time with ice cream cones! $2.67

This hedgehog is living their best summer reading life. $2.99 (also available as a pin)

This summer reading candle smells like pink lemonade, which has to be one of the official scents of summer. $9.50+

Celebrate Summer (of reading) 2021 in style! I love how subtle this bookish shirt is. $25.00

Is it even summer if you don’t? Perfect for your water bottle, reading journal, or anywhere else you put your stickers. $2.25

This summer reading candle will last through many nights of reading and it just sounds like it smells delicious. More candles that smell like tea, please. $6.99+

It’s better if people know that you’re booked and not doing any of that other stuff. $22.95 and up

Sounds like a perfect day to me. What is this “swimming” nonsense? $25.00

A book stack sticker that just says “summer.” $4.00

A fancy, sparkly bookmark that will definitely get you in the mood for some frozen treats. $8.99

I endeavor to look as cute with my book as this summer reader on a keychain, who will keep track of your keys for you. $16.52

This tropical summer reading tank top belongs in every reader’s closet. $22.99

This Bookstock journal is a great place to commemorate your summer of reading. $12.55

Keep the beach out of your book by putting a beach on your book! $15.00