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Sites We Like: Thug Notes

Amanda Nelson

Staff Writer

Amanda Nelson is an Executive Director of Book Riot. She lives in Richmond, VA.

It’s hard not to love a site with the tagline “Classic Literature. Original Gangster.” Sparky Sweets, PhD is your honored host and each week he drops a new episode offering thug-tastic summary and analysis of your favorite classics. It’s hilarious, of course, and super-smart and I want to make it mandatory viewing for all high school English classes even with all the cursing. It’s educational cursing! It’s cursing for literature! IT IS RIGHTEOUS CURSING. Watch this 3:50 minute long episode on To Kill A Mockingbird and tell me I’m wrong. I’ll wait.


“This brings me to one of the central themes of this bitch: learning valuable lessons about being exposed to people of difference.” UGH, SO GOOD. Dr. Sparky Sweets has also done Crime and PunishmentThe Great Gatsby, and 1984Watch them and gain a new appreciation for those books you sorta-maybe-secretly hated/skimmed in high school. And then subscribe, or Dr. Sparky will go all Raskolnikov on your ass (his words, natch).

And then show them to all your friends who are reluctant to admit that the classics can be relevant.

And THEN read the comments (ON A YOUTUBE PAGE, I KNOW, but they’re heartening) and look at how many people say stuff like “This is hilarious, I went to the library and got this book to read after watching this.” WINNING.


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