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Off-Panel: Casting an Asian American Iron Fist

Swapna Krishna

Staff Writer

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Did anyone else cry when they heard the voice? No, just me??

“The actor who will play Danny Rand must be American — or able to convincingly speak with an American accent. Too many folks conflate Asians and Asian Americans and assume we’re all foreigners. The whole point about my original article was that we didn’t want to lose Danny’s Americaness, and that being Asian American doesn’t preclude him from having experiences similar to his comic book counterpart.”

This is a great piece on why Danny should be Asian American in the Netflix series.

“From the getup of a classic Ewok to the new BB-8 droid, costumes and props from decades of Star Wars movies are going on display in New York City’s Times Square. Opening in Discovery Times Square on Nov. 14, Star Wars and the Power of Costume: The Exhibition is a partnership between Discovery, the Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service, and Lucasfilm, and features dozens of artifacts from the iconic films.”

I am really sad this exhibit wasn’t already open when I was in New York last week.