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New Short Story Collection by N.K. Jemisin Coming This Fall

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Save the date! On November 27, 2018, N.K. Jemisin’s short story collection (a first for her) How Long ’til Black Future Month? will be available in physical and virtual bookstores everywhere, as well as in audio format.

The collection, published by Orbit, contains stories that draw parallels between our present-day society and the fantastical realm, as well as presenting our world as an alternate universe that aliens try to make sense of.

N.K. Jemisin is mostly known for her mind-bending fantasy novels that have earned her several well-deserved Hugo and Nebula Awards. Short fiction is a new format for Jemisin, as she herself admits, saying that at the outset of her writing career, she thought herself incapable of writing short fiction.

Based on her amazing publishing catalogue so far, there is no doubt in our minds here at Book Riot that this short story collection will be nothing short of magic.

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