Celebrate Eid With These 5 Amazing Muslim Characters

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Adiba Jaigirdar

Staff Writer

Adiba Jaigirdar is an Irish-Bangladeshi writer, poet, and teacher. She resides in Dublin, Ireland and has an MA in postcolonial studies. She is currently working on her own postcolonial novel and hopes that someday it will see the light of day outside of her computer screen. Twitter: @adiba_j

Eid Mubarak! Eid is all about family, community, and celebration. But this upcoming Eid, most Muslims will be in lockdown or social distancing. Most of us will be unable to celebrate with our family and community, making it difficult to celebrate at all. It’ll be a difficult Eid for many. A strange Eid for all of us. But thankfully, our favourite Muslim characters will be here to keep us company on this Eid:

Adam and Zayneb from Love From A To Z by S. K. Ali

Love From A To Z is about a lot of things, but at its core it’s a love story between two wonderful Muslim characters, Adam and Zayneb. From beginning to end, we see these two characters who have come to their religion in different ways and have different relationships with their faith, grow together. We see them slowly, but surely, fall for each other, while taking on the obstacles that life throws in their path. This book is all about Muslim love, but it’s also unapologetically Muslim in all aspects.

Allie from All-American Muslim Girl by Nadine Jolie Courtney

All-American Muslim Girl is the story of Allie, who grows up in a Muslim household without really practising the religion. As someone who looks “All-American” she is never considered Muslim by her peers. They even feel comfortable purporting casual Islamophobia around her – something that Allie keeps silent about in order to fit in. But throughout the book, Allie learns more and more about her culture and faith, and decides of her own accord to practise Islam, even though she recognises all the challenges that come with it in this day and age. This book is such a wonderful exploration of what faith is, and what it can mean to people, and it’s wonderful to watch a young Muslim girl slowly grow closer to her faith.

Leyla from The Light At The Bottom Of The World by London Shah

The Light At The Bottom Of The World is set in a future where the entire world is submerged underwater. And it follows submarine racer Leyla McQueen, who is desperate to find her father who she believes has been wrongfully arrested. But there’s more to the story than Leyla realises, and her search for the truth might be what puts her in the way of danger. This is a fast, thrilling ride of a book that features a character that’s easy to root for. Leyla’s core is made up of her faith in her father, and her connection to her family and culture.

The Arabic QuiltKanzi from The Arabic Quilt: An Immigrant Story by Aya Khalil

The Arabic Quilt is the story of Kanzi, whose family has recently moved from Egypt to America. Kanzi wants to fit in with her friends in school, which is why she forgets to take the kofta sandwich her Mom made for her lunch. But wrapping herself in her Arabic quilt at home makes Kanzi remember her old home and also come to accept her new home. The Arabic Quilt is such a celebration of one’s culture. It’s the perfect read for Eid.

Bonus: All the Characters from Once Upon An Eid, edited by S.K. Ali and Aisha Saeed

There is no better book to read this Eid than this amazing anthology where all of the stories are about Eid. This anthology is a celebration in itself, and it features a diverse host of Muslim authors, and along with that a diverse cast of Muslim characters. These characters and stories are sure to bring a smile to your lips this Eid!

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