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Spring into March with These New Comics and Graphic Novels

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Eileen Gonzalez

Contributing Editor

Eileen's primary literary love is comic books, but she’s always on the lookout for her next literary adventure no matter what form it takes. She has a Bachelor's in media studies, a Master's in digital communication, a smattering of published short stories, and a seriously cute dog. Follow her on Bluesky.

Unless you’re in the Southern Hemisphere, in which case you’ll want to fall into autumn. In any case, March marks a big change in seasons. Time to pull out those weather-appropriate clothes from the back of the closet — and pick up the latest graphic novel releases, of course!

This month, as you’re chugging green beer or planting seeds in the garden, you’ll have a wide range of brand-new comics to choose from. There are adventures set in distant fantasy lands and on the baseball diamond. You can spend time with an aspiring witch or with one of the most beloved crime-fighting teams of the past 30 years. Some characters learn to accept the romance they have always longed for, while others try to appreciate themselves for who they are — both very important lessons, regardless of the time of year. Traveling through the pages of these comics is a great way to pass the time until spring break (or even summer vacation!) finally allows you to travel for real.

The release dates I’ve included here are accurate as of the time I’m writing this, but be sure to double-check before you order anything. Publishing is often fickle, and release dates can change at any time! Fortunately, one thing never changes: there are always great comics being released for eager readers like you and me.

I Feel Awful, Thanks cover

I Feel Awful, Thanks by Lara Pickle (March 5)

Joana is living her dream, so why is she so miserable?! Despite getting to live in London and make potions in a witch’s coven — all of which she has always longed to do — Joana finds herself getting weighed down by the stress and loneliness of her new life and generally feeling “awful.” It is only through hard work and professional guidance that Joana can start to enjoy things again.

The Marble Queen Graphic Novel Cover

The Marble Queen by Anna Kopp and Gabrielle Kari (March 5)

Desperate to save her kingdom, Princess Amelia agrees to marry a prince she has never met from a country she has never been to: the mysterious Iliad, which she hopes can protect her nation from pirates. Amelia gets the shock of her life when she finds herself married not to a prince but to a beautiful queen with dark secrets. Can Amelia achieve a happy ending for both her country and herself?

Ranger Academy Vol 1 cover

Ranger Academy Volume One by Maria Ingrande Mora and Jo Mi-Gyeong (March 5)

Sage is an ordinary teenager living with her adoptive father on the moon…until a fateful plane crash puts her in contact with the famous Power Rangers! Now it’s up to Sage and her friends to save Ranger Academy from certain destruction, but will Sage’s self-doubt and distrustful nature get in the way of victory?

Setting Sun cover

The Setting Sun by Osamu Dazai, Adapted by Cocco Kashiwaya (March 12)

Based on the Japanese novel of the same name, The Setting Sun follows a privileged young woman, Kazuko, as her world falls apart after World War II. With no money, a sickly mother, and a drug-dependent brother to deal with, Kazuko struggles to find reasons to stay positive. An unhealthy romantic relationship offers a solution, but only if she is willing to sacrifice her principles to take advantage of it.

Silver Vessels cover

Silver Vessels by Steve Orlando and Katia Vecchio (March 12)

When Joshua learns about a sunken treasure ship off the Florida Keys, he is determined to find it. After recruiting his best friends and traveling to the Keys for the summer, Joshua gets to work on tracking down the ship…but he quickly discovers that curfews and ancient clues are the least of the obstacles in his way.

The Darkness We Brought Back cover

The Darkness We Brought Back by Rex Ogle, Alex Segura, and Joe Eisma (March 19)

When a group of bored teenagers discovers an alternate dimension, their lives will never be the same…and neither will their world if they cannot stop the monster that followed them home. Despite their differences, the six teens will have to learn to work together — and to grow up, just a little bit — if they want to save everything they’ve ever known.

Magilumiere Magical Girls Inc. Vol 1 cover

Magilumiere Magical Girls, Inc. Volume One by Sekka Iwata and Yu Aoki (March 19)

Love the magical girl trope? Here’s a new manga series for you! Kana feels like her luck can’t get any worse when her latest job interview is interrupted by a monster — and by the magical girl sent by Magilumiere Magical Girls, Inc. to chase it down. Is this the opportunity that Kana has been waiting for?

Out of Left Field cover

Out of Left Field by Jonah Newman (March 26)

Jonah, with his complete lack of athletic skills, is the last person who should be joining his high school baseball team. And yet, drawn in by what is totally not a crush on the team’s shortstop, that’s exactly what he does. This exquisitely titled graphic novel follows Jonah as he learns to be honest with himself and others about who he is and what he wants.

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