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10 MangaTubers You Should Be Watching

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Zoe Robertson

Staff Writer

Zoe Robertson is a horror fiction writer and lover of bizarre books, literature in translation, and vampires.

Nowadays it feels like there is more manga to read than ever, with both the medium and the community of readers becoming more accessible. Like with BookTube or Bookstagram as a whole, readers no longer need to feel like they’re alone in their niches and can reach out to other fans of their faves, thanks to the power of the internet, and start building friendships based around a mutual love of fictional characters!

But for manga enthusiasts looking to dive into the MangaTube sub-genre of BookTube, where should they start? If you’re interested in getting recommendations for what to pick up next, listening to topical discussions to learn more about the community’s thoughts, or just nerding out with fellow readers, check out these creators and start exploring a whole new fanbase!


Upbeat and enthusiastic, Aisha hosts loads of livestreams so you can hang out and read manga with others! She reads a wide range of titles, but what stands out to me is how she is always spotlighting queer manga through her vlogs and as co-host of The Yuricast, a show dedicated to discussing F/F titles. It can initially feel difficult to find LGBT manga, but this channel’s got you covered! Aisha also hosts a Thirsty Thursday book club for diving into saucier NSFW adult titles and is an advocate for celebrating indie manga creators. Her passion for manga is a delight to watch, so, grab your unfinished volumes and head over to this channel for a warm welcome to the community!

Watch here: The TEA on Irodori Sakura! πŸ‘€πŸ˜† | Reviewing Yuri & LGBT+ Doujinshi!


Queen of unboxings and haul videos, Mangatama is the perfect creator to check out if you love watching manga collections grow, or need inspiration to start expanding your own. With shop-with-me videos, shelf organising, and frequent giveaways, this channel’s infectious enthusiasm for discovering manga and cute aesthetic makes it so much fun to tune in and will have you bookmarking all of her recommended websites for seeking out titles on sale.

Watch here: manga room makeover + tour


Shae’s channel features discussions on the manga community and about the reality of being a creator of manga content, as well as bookish content in general. Her topical videos are insightful and offer a valuable look at the hidden aspects involved in being an online creator, and they scrutinize how the demands of the internet – such as endlessly hungry algorithms – can lead to artistic burnout or unhealthy cultures of spending and sharing. These worthwhile conversations are only one facet of her channel, however, as you can also find her participating in community events and overall geeking out about her faves!


The Uniy’s ASMR

If you’re looking to relax while reading through the latest volumes of your favourite series, this channel has plenty of ASMR for manga and book lovers, as well as a gigantic personal library to get insanely jealous over. Her videos feature lots of soothing pastel colours and soft-spoken recommendations, in both English and Japanese, making her channel the perfect getaway for sleepy manga fans.

Be sure to watch: Reading You Haikyuu! & Hirunaka No Ryuusei In Japanese For Sleep


Starlah’s channel is the place to be if you want to ensure your sub box is full of fantastic bookish and manga content, because their videos are always thoughtful and entertaining, and she is constantly hyping up under-the-radar books or excited to try new things. I always look forward to Starlah’s manga reviews and reactions because they have such a knack for discussing the themes and issues of her picks and exploring what made them great (or not!), with a palpable enthusiasm that will have you refreshed and ready to search for a new favourite of your own.

Watch here: 🌸 manga haul and unboxing 🌸 // manga spice cafe box


If you’re after videos on monthly hauls and wrap-ups, check out Brie’s channel for great summaries of her recent reads. She also does more variety content such as goals videos, figurine tours, and in depth reviews of series and volumes. These are great for providing a longer or more detailed insight into titles that you might also be interested in, and will help new readers gain a better overview of a volume they might enjoy. Her videos are friendly and casual; you’ll feel like you’re catching up with another geeky friend!

Watch here: ✨ Series I Dream About Finishing Collecting ✨


A mangatuber from my side of the pond, Himeka’s chatty and upbeat personality gives her videos an undeniable spark. She’s a relatively new MangaTuber, but is already a staple in my mind, and her ‘shop with me’ videos are a great remedy for getting those ‘hanging out at the mall with friends’ vibes while still in quarantine. Tune into her channel for upbeat and detailed reviews of great new titles and old favourites, and lots of fangirling over some classic shojo!

Watch here: Manga Shopping With Me πŸ›οΈ | UK’s Biggest Manga Selection & Forbidden Planet | VLOG ✨


Jujutsu Kaisen fans, get over here! I wasn’t sure if I was interested in the latest shonen manga and anime that is taking the manga community by storm, but having seen Bougie Fujoshi’s read-along and reaction videos to the latest chapters, and the absolute passion and excitement she has for the series, I knew I just had to give it a shot. (I’m super behind, though, so please don’t send me spoilers!) On this channel you can also find unboxing content and monthly thank you videos, as well as just all-round lovely vibes that’ll have you subscribed in no time.

Watch here: Jujutsu Kaisen Volume 0 Reaction & Review | YΕͺTA’S PURE LOVE


Takuto’s channel is full of variety and is going to be a fantastic hangout spot for other enthusiasts of anime and K-pop as well as manga. With big smiles and aesthetic thumbnails, Takuto’s channel features several manga hauls and reviews, especially following the latest 25 Days of Manga community event, that are full of recommendations for where to start with, or what to look forward to in, series’. Stick around for album unboxings of popular K-pop bands, too, and check out his blog for more anime content!

Watch here: LGBT MINI MANGA HAUL! | Seven Seas Pick-Ups

Christy Lou

Christy’s videos are consistently sweet and enjoyable, as she uplifts fellow community members and has a constant supply of great jumpers. If you’re looking to explore the communal aspect of MangaTube and make new friends while reading, readathons are the perfect way to connect with others, and Christy’s readathon reading vlogs will definitely inspire you to find similar events to join. With her bright personality, love of shojo, and years of experience of being a manga lover, Christy’s channel is a must-subscribe!

Watch here: Manga Channels I Love | Channel Recommendations

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