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Whether you’re looking for new manga recommendations or advice about where to find the best manga, we’ve got coverage for you! Stick around, get comfortable.

What’s With All of the Star Wars Manga?

Wondering why there are STAR WARS manga adaptations of middle-grade and young adults prose versions of the stories? We have thoughts.

Best Manga 2020: New Titles to Check Out This Year

Want some manga recommendations for the new year? Here's a list of some of the most promising, best manga 2020 has to offer!

Quiz: Which NARUTO Character Are You?

Are you a big Naruto fan? Has the question, "Which Naruto character are you" ever crossed your mind? Take this quiz to learn the answer!

SAINT YOUNG MEN: The Divine Comedy Finally Available in the U.S.

Jesus and Buddha walk into an apartment in the Tokyo suburbs... no, it isn't a bad joke. It's the premise of SAINT YOUNG MEN by Hikaru Nakamura, finally available in the US.

Quiz: Which ONE PIECE Character Are You?

You might be a fan of the pirate-themed manga, One Piece, but do you know which One Piece character are you? Take this quiz to find out!

Thank You Hulu for Making Me Read Sailor Moon Manga

On the joys of discovering the Sailor Moon Manga, thanks to Hulu.

Yu-Gi-Oh! and the Ethics of Adaptation

On the sanitization of the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga for the kid-friendly anime adaptation, and the ethics of drastically modifying the story for marketing.

Get Scared With These 15 Psychological Horror Manga

Looking for a scary read? Check out this list of psychological horror manga, featuring some classics, some recent releases, and lesser known titles.

Check Out the Titles That Inspired the 2019 Fall Anime Season

Are you interested in checking out some manga that inspired shows from the 2019 fall anime season? We've gathered them in one convenient list!

20 Must-Read Supernatural Manga

Do you love ghosts, demons, psychics, and all things paranormal? Then check out the titles on this list of supernatural manga!

Don’t Judge a (Comic) Book by Its Edges

How do the edges of books, comics, and graphic novels affect your experience? What do they say about the story?

The 6 Coolest Campuses Featured in High School Manga

Kick in the new academic year with these high school manga series and the unusual campuses their characters attend every day.

10 New Manga to Pick Up This Year

Wondering what new manga series have been published in English this year? This list contains some of the best titles to come out this year!

6 Standalone Manga for Starters

These single volume, standalone manga are perfect for curious readers taking those first steps into the vibrant art form.

9 Best Slice-of-Life Manga to Make You Feel Refreshed

When we think of manga, we picture action-packed fantasy stories that feature young teens. But a closer look at the ...