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Literary Printables for Last Minute Gifting

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Jesse Doogan

Staff Writer

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It happened again. You made it all the way to the week of Christmas and you were sure you had crossed everyone off your gift list, but there, right in the fold, is the one you forgot. Fortunately for you, your beloved recipient is a reader, and there are all sorts of options for last-minute gifts for readers. 

My personal favorite? A digital gift card to the independent bookstore of their choice popped into a card with a downloadable, printable bookmark. It feels a little more thoughtful as a package than just a gift card, and it allows you to inject a little personality into the gift. Or maybe you’d like to find some bookish art that you can quickly print, frame, and wrap? 

The best way to print these sorts of downloads, I’ve found, is usually to take the file to a local office supply store or print shop. They will have a wide selection of paper options for you, the quality of the print will be much higher than what you can do at home, and it will probably only end up costing a few dollars at the most. For most downloads, you’ll want to use a heavy matte (not shiny) cardstock. (Some print shops might be able to laminate the bookmarks for you, but that will add to the cost.) This is a great guide to working with a local print shop. 

I took the liberty of picking out some of my favorite literary bookmarks and printable art that’s available on Etsy. My goal in these selections was to only include original art. As far as I can tell, these are pieces of art created by the shop owner or related, so you can feel good about supporting an artist.

Now, be quick! There’s only a few printing days until Christmas!

Printable Bookmarks

Printable Bookmarks Set of 4

These are simple, colorful, and cheerful. I think they’d be a great option for kids! $4

printable bookshelf bookmark

I love the idea of these coloring bookmarks! Use them as a status bar as you work through your book, write your favorite titles in, or just color them for fun. $2

watercolor author quote bookmarks

These dreamy watercolor bookmarks have quotes from C.S. Lewis, George R.R. Martin, Stephen King, and more. Stephen King’s right! Books are a uniquely portable magic. $6

Naturescape printable bookmarks

For someone who wants a more neutral palette, these simple naturescapes are quite calming. These would be perfect tucked into a great nature memoir. $3

printable library card bookmark

I found a few different library card–style bookmarks in my search, but these are my favorite. I love that they have room for a start and end date, along with a rating! $3.50

books and coffee printable bookmarks

Listen. Who doesn’t love books and coffee? Actually, a lot of people don’t! But some people do! I do! And for them, and for me, there are these bookmarks. $4

bookish pandora bookmarks downloadable

I know that these are not technically four seasons bookmarks, but I like to think that they are. Birds flying south in the late autumn! The aurora borealis in the winter! $2

tolkien quotes printable bookmarks

And we’ll end the bookmark portion with these lovely watercolor bookmarks with J.R.R. Tolkien quotes. I was feeling badly that he wasn’t in the group with C.S. Lewis above, so now at least he’s included. $4

Printable Art

naimiby minimalist line art book downloadable

I can just imagine hanging this on my wall and spending hours tracing the single line through all five books. This is such a great minimalist piece! $6

printable bookstore art

I love an overflowing bookstore, and these book-lined windows are so appealing. The artist describes this as “boho,” but I think it would work with a lot of styles! $5

Caiterbug typewriter art

I’ve seen a lot of typewriter art in my literary art trawls, and I loved the way that this one brings the star from its quote into the typewriter itself with those stars. The way it’s displayed in this product shot makes me think it would be great in a gallery wall with a lot of colors. $5

top-down books printable art

While actually piling books this way may stress me out, I loved this unusual angle and the soft colors. Books from above! $6

book stack with cats download printable

Look at this sleepy little kitty face! This is one you will definitely want to get professionally printed. Even if you did want to use up an entire black ink cartridge, I don’t think a home printer could handle these fine lines! $7

If you’re looking for more bookish art, here is some exciting and original bookish art. And if you want more printables, here are some lovely printable coloring pages. Looking for something more elaborate than a printable? Try these origami bookmarks.