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15 Origami Bookmarks So Pretty You’ll Want to Stop Reading

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Kate Krug


Kate is a 2011 Drake University grad, where she received her BA in magazine journalism. A hopeless romantic with a cynical heart, Kate will read anything that comes with a content warning, a love triangle, and a major plot twist. Twitter: @katekrug Blog:

I talk a big game. I absolutely love collecting bookmarks but often fall victim to never using them. This could be for a few different reasons, most often being I don’t want to get up and grab one from my collection box, so I end up using a receipt, a gum wrapper, or I even admit I’ve used a tissue (unused, obvi). And if I’m running away for a quick moment, I have also been known to just place it face down to mark the place. Fellow readers, please forgive me for that transgression.

Also, please make me feel normal and back me up on this one: Sometimes I get so overwhelmed by the sheer volume of bookmarks that I can’t choose one. You can’t just use a Six of Crows-themed bookmark for a historical fiction book, and it just takes too long to go through the entire box. 

Other times, I’m so entranced by the book I’m reading that I just want to read it all in one fell swoop. So let me pose this: These bookmarks are so beautiful you are going to want to stop reading so you can mark your place. I know. I know. Blasphemy, right? But just take a glance through this list and I think you’ll understand. 

Classic Corner Bookmarks

Four corner bookmarks in a variety of floral patterns

Add some flair to your reading experience with a bright, floral-patterned corner bookmark. $1 each.

Two collections of corner bookmarks, one of different shades of green, the other with shades of red and purple

These corner bookmarks come in color-coordinated packs and make for the perfect gift for a reader who appreciates a good aesthetic. Starts at $4 for a 4-pack.

Corner bookmarks made of floral patterned cloth

These fabric classic corner bookmarks resemble their paper versions, with a little more durability and protection. Starts at $6 each.

Animal-shaped bookmarks

Origami crane corner bookmark

Maybe the most classic of origami shapes, mark your place with this beautiful origami crane corner bookmark. $3 each.

A black and blue patterned butterfly corner bookmark

Your reading adventures will reach new heights with this origami butterfly corner bookmark. $7 each.

Blue origami owl bookmark

These origami owl bookmarks are a real hoot. $2 each.

Origami bookmark in the shape of a Boston terrier

The perfect gift for the Boston terrier-lover and reader in your life. Also available as a pug. $8 each.

Origami rabbits and squirrels on paper clip bookmarks

Origami animals are perched on top of a paper clip in these unique origami bookmarks. Starts at $6 each.

Miscellaneous shape bookmarks

Heart shaped corner bookmarks in a variety of floral patterns

Show your books some love with these colorful heart corner bookmarks. Starts at $3 for a set of three.

Cloth heart bookmarks

Your classic heart corner bookmark is made more durable with a fabric base! $3 each.

Corner bookmarks in the shape of abstract flowers

These botanical corner bookmarks resemble abstract flowers in a variety of beautiful neutral tones. $7 each.

Corner bookmark made of map paper

Let this corner bookmark made of map paper guide you to new reading adventures. $5 each.

Full size bookmark made of a tessellation of origami hydrangeas

Mark your page with this origami hydrangea tesselation bookmark; choose between three colors. $16 each.

Darth Vader origami bookmarks

“Luke, I am an origami Darth Vader bookmark.” $2 each.

Origami corner bookmark in the shape of a monster

These origami monster corner bookmarks feast on the pages of your current read. (Don’t worry, your books are perfectly safe!) $6 each.

Want to make your own origami bookmark? Interested in more bookmark lists? We can help you do that, too!