All The Backlist! November 24, 2023

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This week, Kelly talks all things oversized books, X-rated plants, old homes, and more.

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Books Discussed

Hortus Curious by Michael Perry and illustrated by Aaron Apsley

Entangled Life: The Illustrated Edition: How Fungi Make Our Worlds by Merlin Sheldrake

Gastro Obscura by Cecily Wong and Dylan Thuras

Cheap Old Houses: An Unconventional Guide to Loving and Restoring a Forgotten Home by Elizabeth and Ethan Finklestein

Living Wild: How To Plant Style in Your Home and Cultivate Happiness by Hilton Carter

The Rainbow Atlas: A Guide to the World’s 500 Most Colorful Places by Taylor Fuller

Big Thrift Energy by Virginia Chamlee

The Catch Me If You Can: One Woman’s Journey to Every Country In The World by Jessica Nabongo

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