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Help Linda Medley and CASTLE WAITING!

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There are a few creators who have authored works so near and dear to my heart that were they to show up on my doorstep asking for help, I would drop everything and run to their aid. Today, with sites like Kickstarter, Indiegogo, and Patreon, responding to a creator’s call for help is easier and more direct than ever. I’d like to put before your attention one such cause, that of Linda Medley and Castle Waiting.

Cover of Linda Medley and Castle WaitingI’ve written of my love of Linda Medley and Castle Waiting before (and so have my fellow Rioters), and in the past few years have shoved it into as many hands as I could, converting friends into fans of this quiet feminist fairytale. I have longed for more installments, hoping to see what has been happening in the life of Jain, Rackham, Sister Peace, and the rest of the Castle inhabitants. And there is good news on that front; Linda Medley has been working on Castle Waiting volume 3!

“I’m bringing some changes to the book with Volume 3, most importantly: full color!” Medley explains on her Patreon page. “The pages will be rendered in a combination of watercolor painting and digital color; the pages are sized larger than in previous books; and the story has jumped back in time to tell of Lady Jain’s life before she journeyed to the Castle. There are new settings, new characters, and a closer look at Jain’s family and heritage (not to mention, Jain herself).”

Medley had been hoping to start publishing volume 3 in 2017, but has faced setbacks due to her health and living situation. Which is where we, readers and supporters of Linda Medley and Castle Waiting, come in. You can become a monthly Patreon supporter of Medley, and gain access to updates and her work-in-progress blog. Or, you can make a one-time donation to Medley’s GoFundMe page, where she is raising money to purchase a vehicle she can convert to a permanent living and workspace.

It’s been a long road to Castle Waiting volume 3, and there is still a ways to go, but I’m thankful for the opportunity to show my love and support for this amazing artist and precious story. If Linda Medley’s work has meant something to you over the years, I hope you’ll consider joining me in support of her, whether it be financially or spreading the word about her Patreon. See you around the Castle, soon!