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The Best Grishaverse Cross-Stitch Patterns for Leigh Bardugo Fans

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Calling all fans of the Grishaverse! Whether you discovered the Shadow and Bone books first or fell in love with the characters on the Netflix show, there's no denying that Leigh Bardugo's rich Grishaverse world has a lot to love. From the fully formed and iconic characters to the gorgeous writing to the exciting settings of Ravka, Ketterdam, and everything in between, there's so many different entry points to the various books and series. And it's no surprise that so much merch has sprung up around the books, either! You can find everything from T-shirts to enamel pins on Etsy, but if you're more of a crafty type, then you'll love these cross-stitch patterns inspired by the Grishaverse featuring characters, emblematic images and quotable lines, and more!

Already know how to cross-stitch? These patterns will help you make the perfect gift for yourself or your Grishaverse loving friends, or gift them to someone who wants to pick up a new hobby while listening to the audiobooks for the fifth time. The possibilities to get bookishly crafty are endless!

No Mourners, No Funerals Cross-Stitch ($5): This beginner friendly pattern boasts one of the most iconic line in the Six of Crows duology!

Rectangular frame with a cross stictch of the phrase"no mourners no funerals" with a black crow and cup

Grisha Orders Cross-Stitch ($4): For someone who wishes they were a grisha, here is a cross-stitch pattern listing the Grisha orders!

A cross stitch listing the orders of the Grill: Healer, Heartened, Tailor, Squaller, Inferno, Tidemakers, Durasts, and Alkemi.

The Six of Crows Cross-Stitch Pattern ($5): Are you more of a Kaz, Inez, Jesper, Nina, Mathias, or Waylan?

A circular hoop featuring the six protagonists of Six of Crows in cross stitch

Morozova's Stag Cross-Stitch Pattern ($4): I love how this pattern allows you to get creative with the color scheme — match the paperback book covers, or go your own!

circular hoop of a cross stitch stag

Firebird Cross-Stitch Pattern ($4): Pair the stag with the firebird!

circular hoop featuring a firebird cross stitch

No Mourners, No Funerals Cross-Stitch ($6): The same phrase, now with roses!

Circular hoop cross stitch with "no mourners no funerals" at the center and decorated with roses

Crooked Kingdom Cross-Stitch Pattern ($6): This stunning cross stitch pattern is in the design of the Crooked Kingdom cover, which is pretty impressive!

Circular Crooked Kingdom cross stitch

Grishaverse Logo Cross-Stitch Pattern ($6): This logo is definitely memorable!

circular hoop depicting the Grishaverse logo

No Mourners, No Funerals Black and Red Cross-Stitch Pattern ($3): I love the subtle black with red details!

Cross stitch in black and red that reads "No mourners, no funerals" with two crows.

Six of Crows Cross-Stitch Characters ($20): Finally, if you love the look but aren't crafty in the slightest, buy these finished characters!

six small circular hoops each displaying a different character from Six of Crows

Happy crafting! We hope these keep you occupied until season 2 drops!