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The beloved star of Friends takes us behind-the-scenes of the hit sitcom and his struggles with addiction in this candid, funny and revelatory memoir that delivers a powerful message of hope and persistence. Friends, Lovers, and the Big Terrible Thing is an unforgettable memoir that shares the most intimate details of the love Perry lost, his darkest days, and his greatest friends.

If you love the popular tv show Friends (which you do, because you’re here), then you have opinions. Honestly, you can tell a lot about a person just based on who their favorite Friends character is. For instance, my favorite character is Ross Gellar, and I know some of you are judging me right away. Meanwhile, my other Ross fans out there are reading this, and I know they get me.

So if you can know so much about a person just based on their favorite friend on Friends, just imagine how much you can discover about a person when you know all of their Friends opinions. Who had the coolest job on Friends? Are you one of those weird people who actually liked Rachel and Joey together? Okay, but were Ross and Rachel really on a break? I know you have strong feelings about the answers to all of these questions, and based on those questions, I bet I can tell you exactly what book you should read next.

So how about it? Go ahead and tell me all of your Friends opinions, and get a book recommendation that’s perfect for you. Whether it’s the latest horror novel you’re secretly craving or a nice, cozy romance story, your answers will reveal what you should be reading next. And if you’re somehow not so sure about your results? Just keep on reading ’til the very end to have a look at all of the results you could have gotten if you’d made different choices.

Go ahead and throw on your favorite Friends episode while you take this quiz for more inspired answers, and have fun!

Wondering what results you could’ve gotten? Here you go, friend!

cover of Sophie Go's Lonely Hearts Club

Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club by Roselle Lim

Sophie Go’s Lonely Hearts Club is a quirky romance story, which is totally your vibe. After spending three years in Shanghai, Sophie Go has returned to her home town of Toronto, ready to set up her business as a professional matchmaker. But there’s one problem: she never actually graduated from matchmaking school. Toronto turns out to be quite the competitive market, and no one’s interested in hiring a matchmaker with zero credentials. Desperate for clients, Sophie hits the jackpot when she stumbles upon a secret club within her condo complex: the Old Ducks, a group of seven Chinese septuagenarians who never found love. Sophie convinces the group to hire her to find them each the perfect matches. But when she uncovers their stories of loss and heartbreak, will Sophie realize she’s in over her head?

mika in real life book cover

Mika in Real Life by Emiko Jean

You need a heartfelt contemporary novel. Mika in Real Life is the story of Mika Suzuki. She’s 35 and her life is a complete disaster. Her last relationship was a total mess that ended up going up in flames. She might just be living with a hoarder. She’s a constant disappointment to her traditional Japanese parents. Oh, and she’s just been fired from her job. But then she gets a phone call from Penny, the daughter Mika put up for adoption 16 years ago. Penny is looking to forge a relationship with her birth mother, and Mika is desperate to be the kind of woman her daughter can look up to. And so Mika tells a little lie. And then another lie on top of that lie to cover up the first lie. And before Mika knows it, she’s invented an entire made-up life for herself, one in which she’s mature, put-together, is lucky in love, and has a successful career.

the darkness of others book cover

The Darkness of Others by Cate Holahan

You need to read a thriller! Try The Darkness of Others. Psychiatrist Imani Banks and her restauranteur husband Philip are living in a posh townhouse in Brooklyn Heights. Meanwhile, Tonya Sayre moves to Manhattan with dreams of becoming a Broadway star, but instead she’s working in a restaurant and struggling to support her teen daughter Layla. After Philip’s restaurant closes due to the pandemic lockdown, he and Imani decide to let Tonya and Layla rent their extra rooms. But Tonya begins skipping payments, and Imani becomes concerned that Tonya may be responsible for the death of their neighbors. Evicting someone during a lockdown is tricky, though, even when you think that person might be a murderer.

book cover of jackal by Erin A. Adams

Jackal by Erin E. Adams

You’re in the mood for something dark, with elements of mystery and horror. Jackal is the book for you. Liz Rocher doesn’t have the fondest memories of her predominantly white hometown, but since her best friend is getting married, Liz reluctantly returns to Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Although she prepares for the worst, she couldn’t have anticipated what happens on the day of the wedding: the bride’s daughter Caroline goes missing. As the search for Caroline begins, Liz realizes she’s seen this before. Years ago, Keisha Woodson, the only other Black girl in school, also disappeared in a similar manner.

cover of Why Didn't You Tell Me?

Why Didn’t You Tell Me? by Carmen Rita Wong

Nonfiction is more your thing, specifically memoirs. Why Didn’t You Tell Me? is a memoir by Carmen Rita Wong. Carmen grew up believing that her father was a Chinese hustler named Peter Wong, whom her mother was forced to marry for a green card. But as her mother was dying of cancer, Carmen found out that Peter was in fact not her father. After her mother died, Carmen felt like she’d never get answers to who she is or where she belongs. And worst of all, she’d never understand why her mother didn’t tell her the truth. This memoir follows Carmen’s search for understanding as she digs into the hidden side of her mother that she never had the chance to know while her mother was alive.

It’s fun taking quizzes to help decide what to read next, isn’t it? Here are some more quizzes you can take for more book recs:

Happy reading, Friends fans!