Flowchart Friday: Valentine’s Day Edition

Brenna Clarke Gray

Staff Writer

Part muppet and part college faculty member, Brenna Clarke Gray holds a PhD in Canadian Literature while simultaneously holding two cats named Chaucer and Swift. It's a juggling act. Raised in small-town Ontario, Brenna has since been transported by school to the Atlantic provinces and by work to the Vancouver area, where she now lives with her stylish cyclist/webgeek husband and the aforementioned cats. When not posing by day as a forserious academic, she can be found painting her nails and watching Degrassi (through the critical lens of awesomeness). She posts about graphic narratives at Graphixia, and occasionally she remembers to update her own blog, Not That Kind of Doctor. Blog: Not That Kind of Doctor Twitter: @brennacgray

It’s the Friday before Valentine’s Day, and if that has you a little down in the dumps pondering your romantic situation, you might be thinking about heading out on the prowl this weekend to find someone to fill that Hallmark-shaped hole that hours of advertisements has drilled into your heart. (We’re not talking about me, Dear Reader. People with flowchart skills are a hot commodity.) But what if you already have a life partner who is loving, true, and everything you need to be happy? What if that partner isn’t a person at all?

No, I’m not getting kinky.

Do you really need a person to be your Valentine, or might a book be a better companion?  It all depends on what you’re looking for. In this edition of Flowchart Friday we tackle a moments-old question: the romantic partner, or the compelling read?

Are you looking for a lunch date?

How about some company in the dark of night?

Or maybe you’re just in search of some good-looking arm candy?


So take it from us at BookRiot — almost all roads lead to reading.  Unless you’re trying to pick up. And even sometimes then.