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The Flash 01×21: Grodd Lives

Each week Panelteers Chris and Ali sit down and chat about the CW’s newest superhero series, The Flash! There’s monkey business afoot in Central City and we’re about to go bananas for it. We’ll try not to ape anyone else’s gorilla goofs for this recap… chimpanzee.

Chris: It’s what we’ve all been waiting for. GRODD LIVES!!!

Ali: GIANT PSYCHIC GORILLA!! Like for real. That is really what they did with Grodd. And it was fantastic! I also really like that they were able to tie him so closely to STAR Labs and Wells. Although, I was hoping Grodd might also have a connection with Caitlin or Cisco, and not just Mr. Evil Supervillain.

Chris: Well, he does totally have a crush on Caitlin (understandably), so I guess there’s that. Before we get too deep into gorilla city, let’s talk about the other big news of this episode. Iris finally gets to tell everyone off.

Sup, Jerks!

Sup, Jerks!


Ali: IRIS KNOWS! And she figured it out herself!! Technically that was the cliffhanger we totally forget to mention last week. But yes, Iris knows Barry is the Flash and she is, understandably, not happy out. I love that she walks into STAR Labs to confront Barry. I love the conversation she has with Joe about it. I hate, hate, HATE that Barry throws feelings that Iris hasn’t even worked out yet back in her face when she tells him she can’t trust him anymore. What the ever-living fuck, Barry?!!! “I know you like me and you didn’t tell me,” is not EVER equal to hiding an entire side of your life from your best friend. I had much Barry anger this episode.

Chris: Even if she figured it out in kind of the dumbest way possible (has she never gotten shocked by static electricity before???) I’m glad that we’re finally over that hill and we can move on to bigger and better things.

Ali: I was pretty bummed that she didn’t get to use her investigative reporter skills to figure it out. But yes. I am glad this is FINALLY over. Hopefully we’ll see Iris making her own decisions in season two. Also, I love how Caitlin is really welcoming and supportive of Iris. She immediately sees that Iris could be a valuable member of Team Flash and ties to bring her in early on. I think it sets things up for some really great things to happen. Which is great because Candice Patton has deserved better than what she’s been given thus far.

Chris: Caitlin, near the end, has to remind Barry that Iris is a part of the team now, which I get because it gives Caitlin a nice moment but also felt weird. Barry’s dumber than we thought if he forgot who just saved his life. Or maybe he just can’t count?

Yes, I was there too.

Yes, I was there too.


Ali: Yeah, I think it’s because Barry is incapable of seeing Iris as anything more than the object of his affection. She’s a brilliant lady who can help you and your team, Barry. Stop pining and actually BE her friend. Apparently I’ve changed my “Iris needs agency” rant to a “Barry needs to stop being a creeper” rant. Let’s get back to psychic gorillas, time travel shenanigans, and Cisco’s pop culture references.

Chris: Not a single Congo reference. That’s bananas. Pretty disappointed in Cisco right now. Still really enjoyed this episode, even given what I’ve been building it up to be in my head. I liked that Grodd played in a way where THIS is the thing that everything thinks is weird. Everything before this was new and different but a giant psychic gorilla living in the sewers is where everyone draws the line. Favorite thing is that Grodd uses his awful animal experimentation trauma to attack people. That’s pretty messed up.

Ali: Cisco mentioned ROUSes and I will forever be in love with him. But Cisco didn’t do much more than spout out pop culture references that every should have but no one actually got. Maybe that’s why he didn’t make a Congo reference; he thought it wouldn’t be appreciated. Back to Grodd, I like that they’re using the trauma from the experimentation done on him as his motivator. I don’t think he’s done going after Eiling either.

Chris: The Eiling scene was the best thing is this episode. Clancy Brown should get some sort of Lifetime Achievement Award for Excellence in Genre Fiction. No actor should be asked to sell “you’ve been taken over by a super gorilla and he’s talking through you” and do it that well. It’s ridiculous.

There is no Eiling, only Grodd.

There is no Eiling, only Grodd.

Ali: I do love that all of the actors on this show have embraced how very bananas it is. Speaking of bananas, Grodd hate banana. Grodd also talk like Hulk. Ali do not know how she feel about Grodd talk.

Chris: I kinda dug it and hope that every time he shows up that he’ll have a slightly better grasp of language, so that by season 3 or whenever, he’s a full-on super genius gorilla.

Ali: Oooh! Yes, please! The evolution of Grodd; that would be pretty fantastic.

Chris: Is he going to go found Gorilla City? What do you think? Oh man, I want that so bad.

Ali: Oh my god YES!! He frees a bunch of other animals who have been subjecting to gross experimentation and they find a place to live together in harmony!!! Seriously, Flash Writers Room, give us call. You need us.


Chris: Let’s talk about Wells being the absolute biggest pile of trash to Eddie.

Ali: Thawne-Wells is THE WOOOOOORST. I think, though, that he’s talking out his ass. I think Thawne-Wells is trying to manipulate Eddie into becoming Barry’s enemy. And I’m super bummed that it will probably work. I have very much been Team Eddie; he’s a really great guy and he genuinely loves Iris and protecting people. I know this show isn’t short of bright spots, but I like Eddie as a good guy. I don’t want to see him spiral into villainy because Thawne-Wells is a stinky poopy jerkface!!

Chris: Dude was just on a roll. “Well, Barry’s really successful… Oh! And you’re the worst Thawne ever. andandand you don’t even get the girl so you suck big time, buddy.” It just killed me. What a raging asshole. An aside: Now that Wells doesn’t have to fake not being able to walk, notice he’s just jumping around and climbing ladders and stuff all the time. It’s great. He’s just rubbing people’s faces in how great he was at lying.Ali: That dude needs a mustache to twirl he’s so eville.

Ali: That dude needs a mustache to twirl he’s so eville.

"I've seen your future... and it sucks."

“I’ve seen your future… and it sucks.”

Chris: All in all – this was pretty dang good. Lightning Round?

Ali: Let’s do it!! With all of Cisco’s quipping, I can’t believe he didn’t make a Magneto’s helmet reference when the built the psychic-blocker headband. I know it’s a rival property but come on!! You know Cisco loved the X-Men cartoon on Fox. LOVED IT.

Chris: You’re probably not wrong. Who didn’t like that show when they were a kid? (oh boy, it does not hold up now.) I’ve got two: 1) Who gave Barry a gun even if it was just a tranquilizer gun? 2) Caitlin responding to Iris knowing about Ronnie with “I thought he died… but he just caught on fire,” was simultaneously the funniest and saddest thing.

Ali: Right?! I loved that line. But wasn’t Iris researching FIRESTORM? Or something related to that and STAR Labs earlier in the season. I almost expected Iris to be like, “oh THAT’s who that was.” Also I am pro Iris and Caitlin as besties. That needs to happen.

Chris: She was definitely covering the story at one point. I kinda figured this was just her putting 2 and 2 together, finally. Any last thoughts on GRODD LIVES!!!!???

Ali: I can’t believe we’re so close to the season finale!! I know things are at a head with Thawne-Wells. But I don’t want to wait months for more Grodd and Cold and Cisco. CISCOOOOOOOO!!!!

Chris: This has been one heck of a ride so far. Can’t wait to see what’s waiting at the finish line.


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