Five Bookish Cross Stitch Patterns from Etsy

In addition to being an avid reader, I am also an aspiring crafter. I’ve dabbled in both crocheting and cross stitch, which, I know, basically makes me your grandma, but had to set aside most of my crafty hobbies during a series of recent moves. A few weeks ago I was cruising around on Etsy where I stumbled down a rabbit hole of cross stitch patterns for bookish people. These are a few of my favorites. For the reader who loves puns, I suggested this little sampler from Nerdy Little Stitcher. Any self-respecting book nerd would love to have this one on their wall.

book riot you look thinnner

I think this Harry Potter alphabet piece from PixelPower would be another great sampler, especially for a kid’s room.

book rior harry potter

Declare your support for Katinss and the rest of the rebels with this evolution of the mockingjay pattern from PopSoup Supplies. I love this one a lot.

book riot the hunger games

You could also please a Lord of the Rings Nerd with this Hobbit matryoshka-inspired pattern from Plastic Little Covers. Fat Gandalf makes me laugh. book riot hobbit

Or just declare to the world that you wish they (or you) could do with this not safe for the office sentiment, also from Plastic Little Covers. book riot read a book