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Conflicting Comics, or, Should I Add Nutella to My Coffee?

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Katherine Willoughby

Staff Writer

Katherine Willoughby lives is Richmond, Virginia and teaches Junior Kindergarten at the same school where she discovered her love of reading. When she is not in the classroom, Katherine enjoys building wooden train layouts with her three-year-old son, playing board games while drinking IPA’s with her husband, and taking part in pub trivia. Read Across America Day is her favorite holiday!

The Glorious Nutella Dog

Along with unique craft beers, Summit City Brewerks in Fort Wayne, Indiana, serves the most delectable treat. It is called The Nutella Dog. Picture a hot dog in a bun with bacon, cinnamon, sugar, and smeared with Nutella.  Even before imbibing, it is delicious! The people at Summit City taught me that Nutella makes most—but not all—foods better!

Conflicting Nutella Nuggets of Information in Comics

A few months ago, I read Our Cats are More Famous than Us by Ananth Hirsh and Yuko Ota. This thick, neon-colored book is a collection of comics that span eight years and illustrate the lives of the authors. Ananth and Yuko move three times, make friends with eccentric individuals, and interact with their cats, when their cats allow it. It was such a good read that I finished the book, got a snack, and then started it over again.

Our cats are more famous than us comic strip

From Johnny Wander

At one point in the book, Yuko declares that Nutella is the “Sriracha of sweet foods.” She adds a dollop of it to her morning coffee. With a look of complete joy, Yuko sips her Nutella doused coffee. Unfortunately, she finds that the Nutella separated in the coffee, creating a chocolate scented, oil slicked cup of joe. Ewww, not appetizing. Life hack fail!

I, too, have considered at different points adding Nutella to my black coffee, and thanked Yuko for telling me otherwise. Any time a friend would mention Nutella or eat a Nutella sandwich, I would sagely advise against putting it in their coffee. I felt like I saved a lot of innocent cups of coffee!

Yesterday, I brewed a fresh cup of coffee and settled into reading a new graphic novel entitled The Little Book of Life Hacks: How to Make Your Life Happier, Healthier, and More Beautiful by Yumi Sakugawa. This flexible little book is so fun to read! Sakugawa illustrates tips from how to create colorful salads to how to exercise more to how to clean almost your whole house with vinegar. I found lots of helpful ideas!

10 surprising things you can do with nutella

From The Secret Yumiverse

On a two page spread, Sakugawa illustrates the many uses for Nutella. I hungrily read her ideas for coating potato chips, bacon (I already knew that one), and even quesadillas with my favorite chocolate and hazelnut spread. I almost spit out my coffee, though, as I read her suggestion for adding Nutella to coffee. In her book, she even drew a little smile on the mug to show how delicious it was. Yuko Ota’s mug did not have a smiley face. If it even had a face it would be one of disgust. How are two amazing graphic novels presenting conflicting views on adding Nutella to coffee?

The Nutella Investigation

I decided to investigate this possibly delicious concoction. I brewed a fresh cup and, while the coffee was still hot, smeared a dollop of Nutella into my cup with a blunt butter knife. Stir, stir, stir, wait, and investigate! After a few seconds, an oily residue swirled to the surface of my mug. I stirred again and the slick skin reappeared. Moving the mug back and forth, I noticed the Nutella formed tiny kidney shaped blobs. I blew the sediment to the side and took a sip. The Nutella added a bit of sweetness but did not taste much like the hazelnut spread that I honestly prefer to eat straight out of the jar.

Life Hack or Life Hindrance?

After testing out Sakugawa’s life hack, I am going to side with Ota on this one. I found it unappetizing and too sweet, but drinkable if you absolutely could not pour another fresh cup. Perhaps if you like sweet coffee, or if you drink it from a covered travel mug, it would be more appealing.

I still believe that Nutella improves the taste of many different foods, but I will continue to hold the Nutella when brewing a new cup. Seriously, though, try the Nutella dog!

If you are interested in more comics that include food tips and recipes, browse this list entitled 5 Mouth-Watering Comic Books with Recipes. Like Nutella, but think that comics are not for you? Check out this post 5 Graphic Novels and Memoirs for People Who Say They Don’t Like Graphic Novels and Memoirs.