BookLooks, Framed As “Objective” Book Rating Resource, a Moms For Liberty Joint

Here's what triggers a formal book challenge from Moms For Liberty, as well as their "objective" database of reviewed books.

The School Board Project, Round One: Book Censorship News, May 13, 2022

Meet The School Board Project. That, plus book challenges in Maine, Texas, Vermont, and more in this week's censorship news roundup.

Nampa, Idaho, Schools Permanently Remove 24 Books from Library

Despite the review committee's recommendation for further consideration, the Nampa School Board voted to remove 24 books.

Over 100 Books Have Been Challenged in Eanes, Texas, Since March 20

Over 100 books have been challenged in the small central Texas school district of Eanes.

How to Update Your Book Challenge Forms (with Template): Book Censorship News, May 6, 2022

South Carolina considering a law that withholds public library funds if "inappropriate" materials are available and more censorship news.

“Libraries Are Promoting an Agenda to Destroy Families”: Idaho State Rep Partners on Program to Remove Books from Libraries

Idaho state representative Heather Scott cohosted an event on how to ban books in libraries, calling it a "war."

Rapid City Area Schools Withheld 350+ New Books and Attempted to Quietly Destroy Them

350+ brand new books for high school seniors in Rapid City Area schools never made it to them. They might be destroyed instead.

You Don’t Solve Book Bans by Banning More Books: Book Censorship News, April 29, 2022

This week's book censorship news, including removal of books in Wausau, Wisconsin, Ottumwa, Iowa, and more.

Tennessee Lawmaker Suggests Burning Banned Books

Dubbed "the book burning bill," Tennessee's new law would put a state-created commission in charge of books in school libraries.

Georgia Governor to Sign Book Ban Bill

Georgia's new book ban bill will reverberate across the country.