Who “Parental Rights” Groups Leave Out: Book Censorship News, September 30, 2022

Groups like Moms for Liberty claim that they are fighting for parental rights by banning books. But whose rights are they really protecting?

Canadian Right-Wing Book Banning Groups Don’t Know How School Boards Work

As right-wing methods from the U.S. move north, book banners are encountering issues regarding just how much sway school boards have.

Who Are The Groups Banning Books Near You?: Book Censorship News, September 23, 2022

Banned Books Week has been a busy week for banning books. That, plus a look at some of the regional groups pushing censorship.

City of Chicago and Chicago Public Library Declare Themselves Book Sanctuaries

The City of Chicago and the Chicago Public Library have declared themselves book sanctuaries, offering a safe space for endangered stories.

“Anita Hill Would Have to Agree with Me”: LET’S TALK ABOUT IT Removed from Oak Brook Public Library

LET'S TALK ABOUT IT was quietly pulled from Oak Brook Public Library (IL); village trustee compares it to the Anita Hill testimony.

Overwhelming Majority of American Voters Strongly Oppose Book Banning According to National Poll

In anticipation of Banned Books Week, EveryLibrary Institute conducted a poll that found that the majority of voters oppose book banning.

A Colorado Library Board Has Voted to Ban Book Bans

The Wellington library board has voted in a new policy that the board cannot censor, suppress, or remove ideas and information in the library.

Book Bans Impact Over 4 Million Students: PEN America’s Sobering New Report

Over 2500 books have been banned in the last year, impacting over 4 million US students, says new PEN America report.

American Library Association’s New Book Censorship Data Released in Advance of Banned Books Week

The American Library Association's new report on book challenges this year shows that 2022 will be worse for books than 2021.

A Banned Books Week Action List: Book Censorship News, September 16, 2022

Take action during Banned Books Week with these action items. That, plus this week's roundup of book censorship news.