How One District Is Pushing Back Against Book Banning: Book Censorship News, April 22, 2022

58 books pulled from a Florida school district, a state politician demands book be removed from a Kansas school, and more censorship news.

Arizona Bills Could Allow Parents to Sue Educators Over Books and More

Two new bills in Arizona passed by the state senate create prime opportunity for parents to school schools over books.

Kentucky Hands Unprecedented Control of Public Libraries to Politicians

New legislation in Kentucky gives complete control of public library board appointments to county judge executives.

What Do School Boards Do?: This Week’s Book Censorship News, April 15, 2022

A look at what role the school board plays, particularly with book challenges. That and this week's roundup of censorship news.

“We Must Ban Books That Omit The Truth”: Debrief on the House Hearing on Book Bans and Censorship

A debrief from the House subcommittee hearing on free speech and book bans, featuring testimony from Ruby Bridges.

Texas Education Association Encourages Parental Input on Library Material

The Texas Education Association wants school boards to have power over library material selection, among other mission creep.

Williamson County (TN) Schools Lock Students Out of Digital Resources

One book complaint led to a school district in Tennessee removing an entire digital library of 40,000 items from students and educators.

No Actions Offered to Librarians to Help With Book Bans From National Org: Book Censorship News, April 8, 2022

This week's book censorship news includes a look at what the American Library Association is -- and is not -- doing right now.

There Were 1,145 Unique Books Challenged in US Schools Between July and March

A new PEN America reports on the state of book bans in US schools between July 2021 and March 2022.

National Read-In Set for Thursday Evening

Join Stella Parton and a slate of authors whose books have been challenged for a National Read-In event Thursday, April 7.