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8 Bookish Self-Care Items for Mom

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Moms do a lot every day and they deserve a little rest and relaxation, whether it’s taking a spa day, getting a pedicure, or even a little shopping. For moms who love to read, some bookish self-care makes for a special treat; from delightful cookbooks and self-help manuals to gifts that showcase their love of everything literary, moms deserve to take some bookish time for themselves.

Below I’ve selected four books sure to inspire some self-care for moms and four bookish items to add a little pizzazz to a mom’s closet, jewelry box, or favorite bookshelf.

Books For Self Care

A Year of Self-Care by Dr. Zoe Shaw

This book offers tactics to strengthen your mental well-being through quick daily prompts. It includes 366 different insightful prompts, powerful quotes, and encouraging affirmations to help you start every day with a sense of positivity and ready to take on the day.

This book also helps you target and discover what self care means for you with exercises that include writing down what you’re grateful for, taking a refreshing new route to work, or taking a breather from social media. There’s brief daily morning entries to help start your day, as well as themes for every month modeled after 12 different values that bolster self-care as you move through the year, including relationships, gratitude, simplicity, and discipline.

This is the perfect book to help you get organized and take some time for yourself out of the everyday.

The Easy Puerto Rican Cookbook by Tony Rican

For moms who want to try a new dish or cuisine, cookbooks make wonderful gifts. This is a great book to grab to cook solo or with your partner in crime. The Easy Puerto Rican Cookbook is packed with 100 classic recipes made simple that leave time for Netflix and a glass of wine.

The author’s family is from Santurce, Puerto Rico, and the cookbook helps you discover dozens of weeknight-friendly recipes, including a number of dishes that take 30 minutes or less to prepare and serve. There’s also simple one-pot meals and slow-cooker dinners. The authentic recipes in this Puerto Rican cookbook focus on whole foods, so you get all of the incredible flavors of traditional cuisine without processed ingredients.

The book also helps you create a simple and stocked pantry to create some yummy Caribbean dishes. It’s definitely one you should keep in your kitchen for busy days when you want to relax and cook something different.

Handmade Spa: Natural Treatments to Revive and Restore by Juliette Goggin and Abi Righton

Can’t afford a trip to the spa? It’s time to do it yourself, right at home, with this guide. Cosmetic experts Juliette Goggin and Abi Righton bring the entire spa experience right to your door, with this comprehensive guide to replicating the luxury of a spa in your own home using natural, botanical items and preparations.

The book offers 40 natural recipes tailored to whatever mood you may be in and they show you exactly how to transform your home into a tranquil, relaxing retreat.  The authors explain how scent and well-being go hand in hand, with energetic citrus recipes, warming ginger and cinnamon, relaxing lavender and soothing camomile products, allowing you to choose the perfect treatment for the desired effect.

Want more for your spa experience? There’s also candle-making to simple massage techniques, incense-making and hot-cloth cleansing techniques, sure to transform your bathroom or preferred room into the perfect spa day or evening.

Cool Moms Quotes Coloring Book by Coloring Book Club

Take a moment to get creative and unwind with some crayons or coloring pencils with this coloring book tailored just for the cool mom that you are.

The Cool Mom Quotes Coloring Book is a fun gift that helps mom unwind and relax with 25 unique designs and even full-page designs that include inspirational and funny quotes that center around mom life.

Each design is printed on a single-sided sheet of paper to prevent ink from bleeding through. And, you can even cut out a page and frame your own beautiful poster to remember that moment of relaxation and fun and to keep you inspired throughout your busy week.

Bookish Gifts For Self Care

This adorable literary scarf will make any mom smile, and includes a nod to classic books, such at Jane Eyre and Oliver Twist, at a wonderfully nice price. $26.10

These classy and cute bookish studs pair well with book nerd moms who want to show off their love of reading. $12

Mom can keep track of their TBR and day to day happenings with this flowery and colorful, or white and gold, journal. $14

Mothers can pretend they are at their favorite bookstore or library with this bookish candle with delicious smells of leather and coffee. $7