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10 Modern Animal Bookends to Perfect Your Bookish Space

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Tracy Shapley Towley

Staff Writer

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The greatest thing about having several enormous, custom-built bookshelves is that even my hundreds and hundreds of books have yet to fill them up. Which leads me to the second greatest thing about having several enormous, custom-built bookshelves: I get to use adorable bookends, like these modern animal bookends!

Before the days of these bookshelves (and their enormity), I had a few sets of bookends. I’d picked them up at various thrift stores or they’d been gifted to me by people who know I like A) things and B) books. I loved displaying my unique assortment of weird bookends on side tables and bedsides, but my books were packed within the confines of tight-fitting bookshelves and, ergo, were not in need of ends.

This is not a problem I have today! And so my bookends are finally getting to be put to their intended use — ending rows of books! Of course, we all know that it’s only a matter of time before I “accidentally” end up acquiring so many books that the need for my book ends, well, ends! But today, I revel in the use of these lovely pieces.

Now I’m obsessed with finding the coolest bookends on the planet. Kelly helped out a few years ago with 30+ Perfect Nursery Bookends For Your Baby’s Room, but today we’re going to take a look at all-ages modern animal bookends.

My Favorite Modern Animal Bookends

Zebra and Giraffe Bookends

Their clothes might be vintage, but the hipster-heavy anthropomorphism settles this giraffe and zebra pair deftly in the modern animal bookends category. $54

Blue Rams Head Book Ends

Made from marble and pecan shell resin, this Ram Heads Book End Set kind of freaks me out, but I don’t know why? They’d be great in a blue room, or they could add a vivid pop of color in a bland room. $87.

Pink and Gray Concrete Bear Book Ends

These concrete bear bookends are as modern as they get. $24+

Rhino book ends

These plastic rhino horn bookends sure look like they were made from resin and have a price tag that seems to think so too. $730+

Cute Modern Animal Bookends

You can pick from a bunch of different animals when you choose these cute modern animal bookends. Just keep in mind that these, unlike most others on the list, are sold individually. $31+

Metallic Fox Skull Bookends

When I first saw these I thought, “Those are very cool dinosaur skull bookends!” but as it turns out, I’m not an A+ student when it comes to metallic skulls. These are in fact very cool fox skull bookends. $146.

Metal elephant book ends

These mid century modern animal bookends are about as cute as they get. I especially love that little hint of a tusk. $256.

Cat book ends

These cats are doing a great job of holding up those books! I’m wondering if these cat bookends are perhaps a couple of cats trying to use these books as intermediaries. $36.

Giraffe bookends with the animal body on one side and the head grazing on the other.

I love how this style is used here, with the giraffe’s long neck disappearing into the books. The more books you have, the longer the neck on these giraffe bookends. $56.

Abstract elephant bookends

These abstract elephant book ends are playful and ready for your bookish space. $38.

Now that I’ve found some of the coolest modern animal bookends, I have just one job left to do: narrow down the list to one. Maybe two? Three sets seems fine, right? Right…