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30+ Perfect Nursery Bookends for Your Baby’s Room

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There’s a new bundle of joy coming into your life, and before baby arrives, one of the first things you’ll do is create their perfect new room. Whether you have a big space or are using a tiny corner of your house, any book nerd knows one of the crucial decor needs are nursery bookends. There are nursery bookends for every kind of decorative theme, though of course, no need to have a unifying theme to any room or space. This goes doubly true for baby rooms. They don’t know you’ve got fruit bookends in a room decorated in elephants.

Find below a roundup of some outstanding and cute nursery bookends. And know if you, like me, begin lusting for some of these yourself, you can always put them in any other room in your home too.

Perfect Nursery Bookends

Let’s start with these fun metal Alice in Wonderland bookends. $64.

Jungle bookends feature so many options—giraffes, elephants, monkeys, zebras, birds! $20 each.

Rainbow bookends would brighten up any nursery. $35 each.

Concrete bookends for a nursery? It makes perfect sense when you see how adorable these bears are. $37 and up.

Choose from a few colors with these affordable butterfly wing bookends. $10 for a set.

You can pick large or small with these mountain bookends, as well as a variety of colors. $19 and up.

Similar to the mountain bookends are these great forest bookends. $39.

Cloud bookends are so cute and dreamy. $34.

Maybe your nursery bookends should reflect your landscape or the landscape in which you wish you were. If so, you’ll dig these desert sun bookends (I want them myself!). $35 each.

Let your baby know they are your stars and your moon. $69.

Choose from a number of colors for these heart nursery bookends. $48.

Personalize these sweet wooden giraffe bookends with baby’s name. $18 and up.

Whale hello there! $53.

What more do you need than a set of bookends featuring a llama and a cactus? Just a nursery to put them in (or a bare shelf somewhere else!). $77, with color options.

Kids love big machines. It’s a fact. It makes perfect sense to have these rad, personalized tractor bookends. $24 and up.

These space bookends are out of this world. $24.

Pick your sport of choice for these customizable bookends. $20.

I know a lot of adults who would love these unicorn bookends, too. $24 and up.

These nursery bookends are the dino-roar! $45.

Sweet ballerina bookends. $14 with color options.

Little Prince bookends are magical, aren’t they? $74.

Geek your kids early with Superman vs. Batman bookends. $46.

Make these elephant bookends customized with baby’s name. $16.

I’m going to need these woodland creature bookends for myself. $77.

Bunny bookends! $58.

These pastel rainbow bookends are so sweet. $69.

Go old school with these wooden ABC block bookends. $55.

Buzz buzz! Add some honey to your nursery with these bee bookends. $100.

Dive deep with these mermaid bookends. $57.

Go nautical with these sailboat bookends. You can customize and personalize these to fit your needs. $121.

Last, but not least, add some robot bookends with the perfect message to your nursery. $19 each, with color choices.

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