The 10 Best D&D Podcasts for Everyone from DMs to Newbies

Emily Martin

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Dungeons & Dragons is the most popular fantasy tabletop roleplaying game in the world. It allows players to escape into new, exciting worlds with limitless possibilities. And in a world where many adults are not regularly encouraged to use their imaginations, D&D gives everyone, regardless of age, a chance to play and imagine. The game has been around since 1974, and since then it has been through many changes, but one thing remains the same: People just can’t stop playing it, which has led to an upswelling of the very best D&D podcasts.

If you love D&D, then you know how exciting it is coming out of a session where you got to escape into your character, explore, kick butt, and maybe even level up if you’re lucky. But between sessions, how can you stay immersed in the D&D world and keep that excitement going? Podcasts.

There is no shortage of D&D podcasts out there. And each podcast brings its own interesting flair to the table. Many podcasts allow listeners to join them as they play through their own D&D campaigns. Other podcasts get into the possibilities of gameplay and discussions about the game. Some podcasts are serious, if that’s your vibe, but many others approach the topic of D&D with a good bit of humor. The game is nerdy, after all, and you kind of have to laugh at your own level of nerdiness when you play this game, right? It’s part of the joy.

Ready to dive into the exciting world of D&D podcasts? Here are ten of the best Dungeons & Dragons podcasts currently releasing episodes.

Not Another D&D Podcast

Not Another D&D Podcast is in its third campaign and going strong! Since 2018, the podcast has followed D&D campaigns played by comedians Brian Murphy, Emily Axford, Jake Hurwitz and Caldwell Tanner. New episodes are posting every Thursday, but if you’re looking to start at the beginning of a campaign so that you can follow the whole story, go ahead and skip back to Campaign 3, Episode 0: Welcome Back to Bahumia so that you can follow along with their most current campaign. Or if you’re a completist, it’s always fun to go all the way back to the beginning!

Critical Role

Critical Role has been around since 2012 and continues to be one of the most popular D&D podcasts around, with over half a million listeners every week. Like Not Another D&D Podcast, Critical Role is now in its third campaign. The show features a group of professional voice actors, with Matthew Mercer serving as the show’s Dungeon Master. If you prefer watching things to listening to things, Critical Role started as a web series and can still be enjoyed this way as well. Yes, this show has been around for over ten years, so there are tons of episodes, but my suggestion would be to just start with the beginning of the third campaign and enjoy the ride.

Dungeons & Daddies

Dungeons and Daddies is an award-winning podcast where four suburban dads are flung into a world of high fantasy to rescue their lost sons. The team features a group of writers and actors, with video game writer Anthony Burch DMing the group. The second season of the series follows the daddy’s grandkids who are trying to right the wrongs of their grandfathers. Since the second campaign is a sequel to the first, you might as well start from the top with this one: Episode 1: A Man and his Handshake.

Girls Who Don’t D&D

Would you prefer to listen to a podcast about D&D creating by people who have no idea what they’re doing? Then Girls Who Don’t D&D is the one for you. This podcast follows three girls and one Dungeon Master who have no idea what they’re doing. The girls have never played D&D before, and the DM owns all the D&D books but hasn’t actually read them. Girls Who Don’t D&D is a fun podcast for beginners who want to stumble along with other people who are just learning the rules. Or, if you’re a seasoned D&D pro, you’ll laugh along with all of their confusion and mistakes!

The Dungeoncast

If you’re looking for a podcast that’s focused on discussing D&D rather than playing D&D, then check out The Dungeoncast. In this podcast, co-hosts William and Brian talk about all things D&D: the lore, game mechanics, character creation, creative concepts, and more. If you’re new to D&D, they have a short episode that explains the game in five minutes!

Agents of the Circle

Agents of the Circle is a bi-weekly Dungeons & Dragons real-play podcast hosted by Dungeon Master Sphix Akashaa Duncan. This podcast has been around for four years and is regularly publishing episodes. If you want to follow the whole campaign, set in the Eberron universe, you can kick it back to the first episode, Of Meetings and Murder. Or just hop right into the most recent episode and enjoy the ride!

Cast Party: A Dungeons & Dragons Podcast

Cast Party wants to play Dungeons & Dragons with you! Cast Party is a group of D&D fans who are also professional actors, directors, artists, producers, and (of course) friends. Every week, listen in to their D&D podcast as they play through a campaign. If you love the way they play, Cast Party also welcomes you to join in on the fun. You can sign up for their online campaigns or book a Cast Party Dungeon Master for all of your nerdy gaming needs.

Three Black Halflings

Three Black Halflings is a great D&D podcast that explores diversity within the world of Dungeons & Dragons. Join this group of nerdy friends with strong opinions and even stronger Charisma scores as they discuss and analyze D&D with a wide variety of guests. For instance, in one of their more recent episodes, Three Black Halflings welcomes guest Erika Ishii to discuss all things lore-related and more!

Greetings Adventurers

Greetings Adventurers is another great podcast following a thrilling D&D campaign. Formerly known as Drunks and Dragons and Drunkards and Dragons, the podcast started after Dungeon Master Michael DiMauro tweeted that he’d found a collection of D&D books in his father’s attic. His friend Steven Strom suggested they should play, and the rest is history. The gang is currently in the middle their second campaign. But if you want to jump in now, you can listen to this recap of the first half of their campaign and then go straight to the more recent episodes.

Dragon Talk

If you want to get really serious about D&D, then make sure you also include Dragon Talk, D&D’s official podcast, in your rotation. Each week, the D&D team sits down to chat with celebrities and personalities from across gaming and pop culture. Not only do episodes cover all things tabletop roleplaying; they also get into D&D video games, comics, novels, movies, and television.

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