This Genius Bookcase Has a Built-In Ladder

I love a six-or-more-shelves bookcase. I love how much wall space they take up and how they make your library look all TALL and IMPOSING, but I’m also a short lady and as such keep a stool in my reading area. But this! This is so smart:

bookcase ladder 2

That’s a lovely bookshelf, but what if I wanted something off the top shelf? Wait, what is it you’re doing there? What are you pulling out of the front of that bookcase?

bookcase ladder 1

IT IS A LADDER, THAT IS AMAZING. Simple solutions to everyday short-person issues, man. They’re my jam.

The ladder has three steps, hand-holds, and felt feet to protect your fawn-cy floors. Sliding brackets at the top enable the ladder to angle out and then sit flush against the bookcase when you’re not using it. The thing is $1,950 and available for pre-order here, but I bet some thrifty and good-at-building-stuff book lover out there could make this.


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