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Fight Censorship With These Banned Book Goodies

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Rachel Brittain

Contributing Editor

Rachel is a writer from Arkansas, most at home surrounded by forests and animals much like a Disney Princess. She spends most of her time writing stories and playing around in imaginary worlds. You can follow her writing at Twitter and Instagram: @rachelsbrittain

I don’t know about you, but this increased wave of book bans lately has had me a bit disheartened. I’m sure I’m not the only one. There are lots of big and small ways we can fight back against censorship. Book Riot’s own Kelly Jenson has outlined some in her coverage of the ongoing book bans and others have discussed how teaching banned books like Alex Gino’s Melissa or starting banned book clubs can have an impact. Those are all good, and important options.

But I also understand that if you’re not a teacher or librarian or elected official, it can feel like there’s only so much you can do. One small but incredibly meaningful thing almost all of us can do regardless of our work or social media reach or energy levels, is continue to raise awareness. More than anything, the people and groups continuing to push for book bans want us to ignore what’s happening. But by sharing news about book bans, posting about the banned books we’re reading, and talking with friends, we can make sure that book bans get the sort of public scrutiny and push back they deserve. And a perfect way to do that? By wearing it on your sleeve. And I mean that literally.

Shirts, pins, and stickers promoting banned books and fighting censorship are a great way to show your support and keep book bans in the public consciousness. And not only that, these banned book goodies I’ve collected from across Etsy are the perfect fashion statement, too. Find your ideal fit and start fighting back against censorship just by going out on the town.

Read Banned Books Shirt from New Trend Shirts

Gray tee shirt emblazoned with bubble letters with rainbow shadow reading "Read Banned Books"

A shirt that says it all, and in a fashionable print, too. $13

Virginia Woolf Libraries Mug from Writer Life Designs

White coffee mug featuring black bust of Virginia Woolf and a quote about the importance of libraries.

Virigina Woolf was a woman ahead of her time. She knew the importance of access to books, both then and now. $20

It’s Never the Good Guys Banning Books Shirt from Millie Lane Tees

Black shirt reading "In all of history it's never the good guys banning books" in various colors

Well, uh, this shirt pretty much says it all, doesn’t it? $28

Read Banned Books Button from Dottie and Caro

white circular button featuring rainbow text that says "read banned books"

I want to pin one of these to my bag and my backpack and my jacket and every other piece of clothing I own. $3

Read Banned Books Sticker from SaguaroStickers

white sticker with black text saying "read banned books"

Slap these stickers all over to remind people that reading banned books is a good idea every day of the week. $3

Read Banned Books Mug from Plantiful Design Co

White campfire mug with red, curly text reading "read banned books"

It’s a well known fact that one can never have too many mugs, and this one supporting banned books would be the perfect addition to any collection. $24

Books Save Lives Shirt from Angie Pea

White tee shift with colorful rainbow text that reads "Books save lives. Stop book bans. Protect libraries."

Truer words have never been spoken — or written — on a tee shirt. Remind everyone in your community of the importance of books and libraries with this colorful shirt. $30

Banish Book Bans Art from Shelley Couvillion

Giclee art print featuring a girl standing atop a leaping horse and holding a sign that says "Kidslit says #Banish Book Bans"

Custom artwork that also stands against book censorship? Now that’s a winning combination. $23

Read Books Fight Fascists Shirt from Gizzard Sisters

Red shirt featuring white text that says "read books. fight fascists" with an open book outline in between

Read Books. Fight Fascism. Enough said. $25

Banned Books Reading Club Pillow from Addi Bett Designs

Black pillow with an illustration of a dancing book that reads "banned books reading club"

A pillow that’s perfect for any reading nook or classroom library. $19

Black Read Banned Books Shirt from Saguaro Threads

Black shirt with white, curvy text that says "Read Banned Books"

Simple, bold, iconic. I want this banned books shirt in my closet ASAP. $24

Banned Books Club Mug from Finn and Fable

White coffee mug with black handle and an illustration of an open book with a fire in between the pages and the text "Banned Books Club. Advocates for Intellectual Freedom."

Whether you’re starting an actual banned books club (and I think you should) or not, this mug is perfect. $16

History Should Not Be Censored Shirt from Chicanas Read

White shirt with black text reading "history should not be censored"

This shirt is 100% right and 100% relevant. $24

Don’t Fahrenheit the Books Shirt from Narwood Clothier

charcoal tee shirt with white text that says "don't Fahrenheit all the books please"

A book reference and a statement about censorship? Yes, please. $13+

Banned Books Banner from Coreys Corner Shop

White banner with a red border and colorful text saying "read banned books"

Personally, I think this banned books banner would look so cute in any classroom — especially for English and Reading teachers. Who’s with me? $26

Ban Bigots Not Books Shirt from First Amendment Merch

Black shirt with bold text in teal, white, red, and yellow reading "ban bigots not books"

Look, I think we can all agree the books aren’t the problem. This shirt encourages you to ban the real problem: the bigots. $22

Dismantle Systems of Oppression Sticker from Salty Fox Printables

holographic sticker with stacks of books and book spines and the text "Read banned books dismantle systems of oppression"

This holographic sticker would look perfect on just about any laptop or water bottle — and encourage everyone who sees it to dismantle systems of oppression. Win-win! $4

Read Banned Books Rainbow Shirt from She Makes Me Laugh

Light blue shirt featuring an open book with a rainbow behind it and the text "read banned books"

Does this shirt remind anyone else of The Reading Rainbow? Just me? Well, regardless I think it’s safe to say that LeVar Burton would approve of the message. $21

It’s a Good Day to Read Banned Books Mug from Sassy Sparkle Mugs

Black mug with colorful text reading "It's a good day to read banned books"

Cute and true! Every day is a good day to read banned books, and this mug will make sure everyone around you knows it. $20