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Art Roundup: Spotlight on Usopp (One Piece)

Welcome to Art Roundup, where we feature a different comics character each week in the form of rad art, cosplay, custom toys, crafts, and more. This week’s spotlight is on Usopp from One Piece. Incidentally, I thought to do this around his birthday, which is April 1st!

Gavitch over on Poppy Farm has some truly adorable mini portraits of the Straw Hat crew. Here’s the cute little Usopp.

usopp-gavitch-poppy-farm-strawhat-pirates-one-pieceNext up we’ve got an Usopp Paper Child. I never get tired of adorable papercraft that makes it look like doodles are interacting with real life. Cute photo by vaniljkram on Tumblr.


You can click through to the My Misconducts blog on Tumblr for similarly cute drawings of the other Mugiwara Pirates. I like the simplistic style.


I love, love, love this hairdo for Usopp. Deedee has the right idea.


JUN imagines an Usopp version of herself, which I think looks super rad.


A+ Usopp cosplay and Tony Tony Chopper crossplay by Jay and Kristalyn.


And to round things off, here’s a cool half-and-half featuring Usopp and his alter-ego Sogeking.


As always, share your love for Usopp with links to more rad fan art in the comments below, and be sure to check back again next week for another Art Roundup.


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