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Art Roundup: Spotlight On Jubilee

Welcome to Art Roundup, where we pick a comics character and spotlight their awesomeness with rad fan creations, including art pieces, jewelry, custom toys, and cosplay. This spotlight is on a personal favorite, Jubilation ‘Jubilee’ Lee of the X-Men.

First up is this killer imagining from Jake Wyatt of Jubilee as an actual prep school student, exercising some characteristic creative license with her uniform.

young jubilee prep art Look at that Wolverine board! This skater variation comes from Elizabeth Torque.

jubilee skateboard


The always awesome Lin over at White Hot Room offers up a totally wearable casual cosplay inspired by our favorite California mall rat.

jubilee fashion cosplayjubilee fashion cosplay 2


TwoFish recommends their minimalist Jubilee print for a child or baby’s room,  but it is just freaking adorable even for grown-up fans.

jubilee block art poster


Devon Cady-Lee credits her crush on Jim Lee’s Jubilee in the 90’s as the inspiration for this sharp drawing of the classic look.

90s jubilee art


Phillipines based artist Pharan gives us a playful sketch that captures Jubilee’s power and gorgeously highlights her Asian heritage.

jubilee art


Who could resist this custom felt Jubilee plush? Made to order by Ereka at Smallfriend Assembly.

jubilee felt plush doll

Finally, this combination of cosplay, photography, and digital effects from Jason Tablante and team makes for a stunning result.

jubilee cosplay

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