In Appreciation of the Naked Hardcover (via #RiotGrams)

There’s nothing quite like the pure delight I feel when I take the dust jacket off a book and discover a little surprise underneath. Finding a little bit of detailing or a beautiful color choice on a naked hardcover is like getting a random little present that makes my experience with the book that much more special.

So I’m sure you can imagine the absolute joy with which I was scrolling through the #RiotGrams hashtag on the day “naked hardcovers” was the prompt. Join me in appreciating the magic of these gorgeous books.

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Check out this adorable detail on Kristen Cashore’s Jane, Unlimited.

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Symphony City by Amy Martin is so vivid and bright! Absolutely beautiful.

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Even small, simple details are perfect.

Anyone know what that one in the middle with the dolphins is? Because I want it.

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I love this idea of all the signatures on Library of Souls.

Y’all. The Raven Cycle. Is. A. Gradient!!!

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So many pretty naked hardcovers here!

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