Introducing PANELS: A Site for Everyone Into Comics


I’m thrilled to announce that coming this fall, we’ll be launching a new site devoted to comics: Panels.


The spirit of it will much the same that drives Book Riot: passion for the form, excitement about the works, a desire for a diverse range of experiences, and more than a little bit of fun.

We’re damn lucky to have Paul Montgomery as the editor, who not only has written extensively about comics all over the internet, but is an evangelist for the idea that there is a comic out there for everyone.

We’ve seen so many of our Book Riot readers and contributors not only talk about how much they like comics, but also how many are interested in getting into them. With comics, it can be tough to know where to start: there are so many long-running series and so many one-offs and smaller titles that it can be dizzying. One of our goals with Panels is to provide a place where new comics readers can get excited and feel comfortable trying something new. So there will be guides and introductions for beginners, just as there will be exploration and criticism for comics veterans.

And that’s really the over-arching idea of Panels: there’s room for everybody who loves, or wants to love, comics. There are limitless ways of making our experiences with comics more interesting, more fun, and more connected.

You can sign up here to get notified about when Panels goes live, and it already has its own Twitter and Facebook up and running.

As always, thanks so much for reading.

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