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10 Pieces of Edgar Allan Poe Swag

Edgar Allan Poe is the undisputed King of Gloom, so it’s only appropriate that this month’s swag round-up focuses on creepy Poe-themed items. Let us swag:


Poe Tank Dress. Purple hair not necessary (but is awesome).


Poe Purse is super fancy.


Wear him as a ring so you can look at his sad face whenever you’re feeling too happy.


I want this in my future library.


Perfect accessory for a creep Halloween costume (or, ya know, jeans and stuff).


Edgar was cool before being cool was cool.


Poe tote. For toting Poe (‘s books).




Raven necklace, for when you want your Poe love to be a little less putting-his-face-on-stuff.


Well that’s just creepy.



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